Y6 Teacher Assessment Level Calculator 2009

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A spreadsheet using the weightings from QCA to help you calculate an overall NC level for the children using the strands in Mathematics, English and Science. Simply enter the pupils' names, your teacher assessment of them at each strand across each subject (NC level 2, 3, 4, 5 etc) and the spreadsheet will calculate the overall level using the specified weightings. The 'divided' column shows the quotient of the calculation so you can double check that it is rounding correctly! Any feedback welcome.

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CreatedJun 22, 2009
UpdatedSep 9, 2015

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    Fantastic, so pleased it found it! Saved a lot of time..I will circulate to all my Y6 colleagues! Thanks

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    user avatarTootler7 years agoReport

    Like it. Very useful - ta very much

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    user avatarKatehellen8 years agoReport

    Teacher assessment. Thanks a lot! Made the job really quick and painless in a sea of endless jobs.....roll on the end of the year.