Year 3 unit C2. I have uploaded my flip chart for the IWB so far and some of the resources I have made myself. Hope it helps.


  • Y3 Numeracy C2 (Week 1 of 2).doc
  • C2 2x blank pictograms 10.01.12.docx
  • C2 2x blank tally charts 09.01.12.docx
  • C2 data collection tally 09.01.12.docx
  • C2 Temperature week temperature table.docx
  • Year 3 Numeracy C2 (Week 2 of 2).doc
  • LA Pictogram questions 11.01.docx
  • LMA favourite animal pictograms scale 1 11.01.12.docx
  • HA favourite animal pictograms scale 2 11.01.12.docx
  • Y3 Maths C2 09.01.12.notebook

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    In a pictogram the pictures should be all the same, so in the favourite pets pictogram, the pets should be the labels and there should be icons indicating people in the bars.

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    user avatarcharliew824 years agoreport

    Thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarsimmonsr4 years agoreport

    Thank you for sharing!

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    user avatarcathjh4 years agoreport

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    user avatarmagdka114 years agoreport

    That is fab !! Thanks so much for sharing !