Hello. This is my Year 8 Food Technology Scheme of Work, booklet and end of unit test. It uses some of the Licence to Cook recipes but some of the recipes aren't L2C. I hope your students enjoy this as much as mine do. I have written it with my students in mind so it may not suit every school. Please leave a comment if you have feedback because it's taken me ages to write and I'm not out to make money from publishing it. Good luck.


  • Year 8 Food Technology Scheme of Work.doc
  • Year 8 Food Technology Booklet.doc
  • Year 8 Food Technology Test.doc

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    user avatarsoulease2 months agoreport

    Thanks for the resource, I am working 1 to 1 with a young lad and it will be really helpful. Thanks again

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    user avatarzorro144 months agoreport

    This was such a great resource in many ways. I'm running a cooking club for Year 8's (never having taught Home Ec before) and this has given me great insight into what is essentially needed, what is manageable (timeframe) and some really good food plan ideas. Your resource without a doubt has enabled me to confidently plan a cooking club with confidence and success. Thanks so much! Appreciate your time and effort in making this available.

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    This was such great help thank you!!

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    user avataruk2fraa year agoreport

    Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you so much. You have given me some really good ideas to build my own booklet