Year 8 Food Technology Scheme of Work

Hello. This is my Year 8 Food Technology Scheme of Work, booklet and end of unit test. It uses some of the Licence to Cook recipes but some of the recipes aren't L2C. I hope your students enjoy this as much as mine do. I have written it with my students in mind so it may not suit every school. Please leave a comment if you have feedback because it's taken me ages to write and I'm not out to make money from publishing it. Good luck.


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  • Fantastic resources. Thank you.

  • Pamela274 months agoReport

    Looking for an all round introduction to help me with a 10 hour rotation. Thank you this will be so useful

  • linda hague8 months agoReport

    Thank you. I have used this resource many times, especially the soup.

  • NatalieBG8 months agoReport

    This is great, thanks for sharing!

  • sam23510 months agoReport

    Brilliant - thank you for sharing!