I have used this on 3 very different Year 9 groups and it has worked with success in all cases. It has been used as a really fun and memorable way of ending Key Stage 3 Music.


  • Parody Booklet.doc
  • Parody Lyric Book.docx
  • Lesson 1.ppt
  • Lesson 6 Assessment.ppt
  • Parody Montage.mp3
  • Year 9 Parody Unit Outline.doc

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7 Reviews

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    user avataragrearson2 years agoreport

    This looks like a great resource; I look forward to using this with year 9.

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    Great resource. I'll be using this this year with year 9 with a couple of non-specialists in a non-musical space. Very accessible. Found some school friendly Obama parodies too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PqI12R8YNU - Single Ladies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GmY8KH03rM - Drop It Like It's Hot

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    user avatarjrdriver3 years agoreport

    Brilliant idea. What Barack Obama parody did you go for?

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    This is amazing and a great way to end year 9, thankyou!

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    user avatardacardwell4 years agoreport

    This is a great resource any chance of the other Powerpoint's being posted that go with this unit of work or saying where we could get the Obama parody video lip from. From diannecardwell