Your genes are in Pairs-Inheritance

This is a lesson that gained an outstanding. I hope you find the materials useful. The lesson is based around an interactive modelling activity that was developed by Salter's Nuffield. This lesson is also based on the 7e planning approach as described by Jerome Bruner. Hopefully it will help those of you using my version of the #5MinPlan the #7ePlan. The details of my planning template can be found in the book by Ross McGill 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers 'Idea 16' or on my blog which can be found on my twitter acount @HThompson1982. Hope this is useful! Feedback always welcome! :-)


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  • wendysjungle3 months agoReport

    Great - they have a hard time with this topic - hoping this will help

  • heidib826 months agoReport

    So helpful, thank you so much for sharing!

  • kpavlopoulos8 months agoReport

    Excellent resource thank you for sharing!

  • Brilliant, thank you.

  • FANTASTIC! I also read the book but wasn't sure how to apply the 7es it to real life, you've absolutely shown me how. Thank you!!