Author on Tes: Making Twitter your author friend

Mike Richards
27th November 2017
Author on Tes using twitter to promote resources

Published a resource on Tes and prompted to share it on social? Tes Author, Mike Richards, explains why you might want to promote your Tes resources on Twitter.

Tell us a little about your author experience using social

I came late to social media. My experience of Facebook as a headteacher had been largely negative and as a foster carer I’d been positively discouraged from having any social media presence. But, when I became a Tes author, I realised that social media could be my friend. I quickly set up a Facebook account and began tentatively to send out notifications whenever I uploaded a new resource. However, it was only when I set up a Twitter account, that I saw a direct impact on my sales.

How do you make it work?

I’m quite selective with what I tweet and generally only tweet when there is a sale.  Sometimes I use the social media cards provided by Tes and also include a link to my shop saying that there’s an additional 25% off all my products. On other occasions, I publicise a specific resource (again at a sale price) like my complete UKS2 Maths scheme of work for October. Most importantly, however, is the way I use hashtags.  By targeting twitter groups consisting of NQTs, teachers etc, I can reach a much wider audience than I could ever hope to via Facebook. And by retweeting daily during my sales, I keep reminding that target audience of just what I offer.

What are your tips?

1.     Include a link to a specific product or your shop.

2.     Target specific groups using a # ie, #teachers.

3.     Let teachers know that your products are on sale.

4.     Publicise a specific product at a specific time like an end-of-term resource pack.


You can follow Mike @MJK_Richards


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