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Hernán Giannini
23rd February 2018
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EFL teacher Hernán Giannini, aka hernigian, shares his experience about working in Argentina and tips on successful language immersion programmes.


Tell us a little about your professional background.

I’m a Spanish native speaker, originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language for about 15 years at primary and secondary schools. I also teach at some English institutions preparing students for the Cambridge examinations.


What do you enjoy about teaching?

Teaching has changed my life. I love singing and dancing with my students in the classroom. But what really makes me feel happy is the fact that most of my students come from poor and violent backgrounds and they come to school to find a place of protection and love. It’s a difficult job because students don’t always have pen, books or even food, and schools aren’t always equipped to provide the necessary resources. We, as teachers, have to buy lots of materials to share with our students. Opening a store at Tes gave me an opportunity to generate extra income and share my work with teachers and educators from all over the world.


What inspired you to share your Spanish immersion resources on Tes?

Being a Spanish native speaker and learner, I decided to create not only EFL educational resources but also Spanish ones. My Lectura fácil (easy reading) bundle  is a great example of my Spanish immersion work because it provides several sets of short stories for little kids with reading comprehension questions. Students can work individually, in pairs or in groups and the teacher can implement language tasks in order to practice grammar and vocabulary too. These stories are perfect for guided reading and can be used in reading centres.


Which resource are you most proud of?

One of the resources that I’m very proud of is my bilingual set of worksheets and reading comprehension related to biographical research. This set follows the US standards of education and contains information about the first president of the United States, George Washington. The set provides a reading along with comprehension questions, graphic organiser, writing sheet and interactive notebook activity.


What tips do you have for successful language immersion programmes

Learning a second language is amazing and language immersion programmes are an excellent way of teaching several subjects in a foreign language. Planning is the real key in order to achieve the goals. You need to have specific goals and learning outcomes in mind for your students. Take your time and plan everything!  


Quick links

George Washington - American Presidents - Worksheets and Readings - Bilingual

This set of worksheets and reading comprehension are related to US presidents with a special version of George Washington.

In this set, you will find the following activities:

1. A reading text (short biography) of the president.

2. Reading comprehension questions sheet.

3. Write facts sheet.

4. A bubble map to write words related to the president.

5. A KWL chart.

6. Facts square chart.

7. An interactive activity.

8. A Venn diagram to compare and contrast with another US president.

9. A poster of the president in color.

You can use these sheets for Social Studies centers, classwork or homework.

Este set de hojas de trabajos y de lectura comprensiva está relacionado con los presidentes norteamericanos con una versión especial sobre George Washington.

En este set, encontrarás las siguientes actividades:

1. Un texto de lectura (biografía corta) del presidente.

2. una hoja con preguntas de comprensión.

3. Una hoja para escribir información.

4. Un mapa de burbujas para escribir palabras sobre el presidente.

5. Un cuadro KWL en español.

6. Cuadro de información.

7. Una actividad interactiva.

8. Un diagrama de Venn para comparar y contrastar con otro presidente norteamericano.

9. Un poster en color.

Tú puedes usar estas hojas de trabajo en los centros de Ciencias Sociales, trabajo de clase o de tarea para el hogar.
By hernigian

Easy Reading For Reading Comprehension in Spanish - Bundle - Set 1 +250 pag.

Lectura fácil de comprensión lectora es una serie de cuentos cortos que le permite al estudiante estar en contacto directo con la lectura básica del idioma español.

Cada cuento viene acompañado de una serie de preguntas directas para poder dirigirse al texto fácilmente y responder de forma completa y mecánica.

Cada cuento se relaciona con algún personaje y contiene vocabulario básico para una comprensión más efectiva.
Estos cuentos pueden ser utilizados para lectura guiada, centros de lectura o lectura grupal.

Cada cuento cuenta con imágenes ilustrativas relacionadas.
El cuento y las preguntas vienen en hojas separadas para poder manejar mejor el espacio.

Espero que les guste esta idea que es muy necesaria en la enseñanza de la lectura principalmente de una lengua extranjera.

En este Bundle vas a encontrar 10 sets de Lectura Facil:










By hernigian


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