Author on Tes: Targeted student learning with Wisewire

Haya Barlas
17th November 2017
Wisewire on the Tes Author Blog

The team at Wisewire publish resources on Tes. Find out their top tips for creating outstanding resources that are engaging and relevant - helping students achieve their learning goals.

Tell us a little about Wisewire

Wisewire creates and develops premium content, lessons, and assessments for educators. Our experts have been partnering with learning institutions, innovative organizations, and educators around the world to create meaningful learning products for students of all ages. Our work can be found in some of the most widely used and highly regarded educational products available today including online courses, open educational resources, interactive textbooks, assessments, and more.

Where does the team at Wisewire start when making a resource?

When creating an educational resource, we start by defining the objectives that students are expected to complete. This may include learning content as well as mastering a skill. This solid base is necessary to build from and innovate.

What are the challenges of designing resources so that they align with the Common Core Standards?

One challenging aspect of aligning resources with the Common Core is targeting grade-level appropriate skills and outcomes, and aligning those outcomes with 21st century skills. Doing so requires analyzing the grade-level progressions of the standards, and targeting the important conceptual understandings in a way that creates meaningful learning. For example, knowledge of data sets and displays in the early grades leads into statistical concepts of measures of center and spread in middle grades, which then is applied in later grades to bivariate data and probability concepts. In middle grades, targeting the concept of how each measure of center provides a different perspective on the center of a data set (versus merely memorizing the algorithms to attain the values) allows students to make meaningful connections between context and calculations. Resource creators need to understand this in order to produce both conceptual tasks and skills-based activities.

How do you turn a good resource into an outstanding resource?

To be truly outstanding, a resource should give students an engaging purpose for the work. Why should they learn this content or master this skill? How does the knowledge connect to their background experience as well as their present life? How will it help them achieve future goals – and why are these goals important? Only by answering these questions can we be confident that the resource is worth students’ time and energy.

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