Author tips: Holly Rachel's advice for new authors

Tina Akinmade
08th December 2015

7 tips for getting started as an Author on TES

From resource packs and activity cards, to games and display posters, Holly Rachel creates high-quality primary teaching materials that are well-designed and child-friendly. Below, she outlines her top tips for teachers who are thinking about becoming an Author on TES.


1. Create resources that you would use for your class. If you know it would work well in your class, you can be sure that there are teachers elsewhere who would find it useful too.


2. Invest in quality clip art to give your resources a professional feel. Digital clip art is available on websites such as Etsy. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the clip art carefully to ensure that it is suitable for commercial use. If in doubt, contact the artist and ask.


3. Include a credits page if you have included clip art. Many clip artists require you to include a link to their website within your resource if you use their art work.


4. Ensure you secure your resource by saving it as a password protected PDF. Again, if you include clip art, most artists will require this in their terms and conditions, as they do not want their artwork to be lifted from your resource. When saving your resource as a PDF, click on security options and select require password to copy text, images and other content. This will ensure anything within your resource cannot be copied.


5. Put your name or shop name on every page of your resource. This only needs to be small, but it will help to protect your resource from being sold as someone else’s.


6. Proofread your work for errors before you publish it. If possible, ask someone else to do this for you. Sometimes when you read your own work, you read what you were meant to write rather than what you have actually written!


7. Make sure the first page is well-presented, eye-catching and gives a flavour of the resource you are creating. The first page of your resource will show up as a thumbnail in search results and will inform a potential customer's first impression, so make sure it's a good one!


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