Author update: Bundles have arrived!

Heather Charles
06th July 2016
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Package and discount your resources with the new bundler tool

TES Authors will be delighted to hear that the new bundle functionality is now alive and kicking! To help you get started, we've pulled together some quick steps to publishing your first bundle, plus frequently asked questions and handy links.

Publishing your first bundle

  1. The bundler is available, as part of our royalty reward levels, to authors who have published at least 10 resources. Once logged in to, click your avatar or username in the top right to view the menu, and choose Create new bundle from the first column. Or, you can follow this link.
  2. You'll now find yourself in the bundler. The first step is to choose the resources you want to bundle together. Click the Add resources button and a pop-up will allow you to select which of your resources you want include. You can't have more than 20 resources in a single bundle, and at least three of your resources must be premium.
  3. Next step, add a title and description. Try to use a clear, detailed title and don’t forget to include the key word “bundle”, so teachers know to expect a bumper resource pack at great value. Write a thorough description so it's obvious who your bundle is for, what's included and why it's useful. You may want to explain why you've grouped this particular set of resources together, or how they work well together.
  4. Nearly there! Now it's time to add a price. All you need to do is type in the box how much you'd like to sell the complete bundle for. A bundle can't cost less than £2.00 and must not cost more than the total price of the resources included. Be aware that TES does not subsidise bundle discount; put simply, the price you enter is the price you'll earn royalty on.
  5. Finally, you need to add a cover image. This is what shows in search results and it may indicate the style, format, theme or content of your bundle. The image should be at least 400 x 300 and you just need to click Browse files, choose your image and upload. At the moment, you can't change your cover image once you've published your bundle, but we're working on making this editable.
  6. If you've followed the steps above, you're now ready to publish your bundle! When you click Publish bundle, it will be live on the site immediately and will appear in your resources dashboard too. Happy bundling!

Questions and answers

How do I change the age range on my bundle?

The age and subject tags for your bundle are pulled through from the resources you've included. If it's not quite right, you'll need to edit them via your individual resources.

Can I edit the resources in a bundle once it's published?

Of course! You may decide to add more resources to a bundle, or perhaps you want to replace a resource with a more up-to-date one. In either case, you can edit bundles from your dashboard.

What happens if I delete a resource which is in one of my bundles?

Provided you still have three premium resources in the bundle, the bundle will stay live on the site and the resource will be automatically removed. If deleting a resource means a bundle ends up with less than three premium resources, the bundle will be put into your drafts and won't be available to buy until you update and re-publish it.

Handy links

See below for some examples of how bundles look in the site, plus check out our bundler help page and if you find yourself really stuck, please let us know!

Spag interactive teaching bundle for Year 2

Spag interactive teaching bundle for Year 5

Spag interactive teaching bundle for Year 6


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