Essential spring insights for TES Authors

Heather Imrie
15th December 2015
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One million reasons to sell on TES

The spring term this year is short and sweet, with a lot of teaching and lesson planning to be packed into two brief half terms! 

Did you know that as part of this manic term, more than one million teachers search for and download materials from TES Resources?

To help you make the most of this rush of activity on the site, we’ve created a sellers’ overview of hot topics, key dates and popular search terms, based on site data and statistics, to make your resource planning as easy and informed as possible.

What is it?

We’ve got an at-a-glance A3 poster that gives a spring term overview for primary, plus monthly highlights for January, February, March and April.

There’s also a handy A4 guide that summarises the key information from the posters, plus we have planning hints for secondary Englishmathsscience and history too.

What's in it?

Top searches

This is what teachers are searching for when they are looking for resources on – these are great key words to include in your resource titles and descriptions.

Hot topics

Popular topics that have the most downloads by teachers – these are the areas we expect to be bestselling given the previous trends.

Literacy, numeracy and science searches

As with the top searches, these are the most common areas of literacy, maths and science that teachers regularly seek resources for – they're staple topics that are consistently popular and it's worth having these covered in your resources library on TES.

Calendar events

Key dates and festivals that fall in the autumn term – some of our best performing resources have been related to seasonal events and occasions, consider whether you want to do a resource specific to this year's event (e.g. a Sport Relief 2016 maths task) or one that can be used year after year (e.g. an Easter reading comprehension), both are valuable!

Easter highlights

Like Christmas, we see a huge demand for Easter-themed resources across the curriculum. We've highlighted the most popular topics in the most downloaded subjects, plus sought-after resource types, so you have plenty of warning to get your seasonal resource on the site in advance!

What's new on this term's planners?

Autumn bestsellers

Authors are always contacting us to ask what's popular on the site, so we've added a section that tells you what have been the top five bestselling resources this academic year. The planning hints guides also feature the Top five resource types, which should hopefully give you a better idea of the most common kinds of resources that teachers are looking for in primary or your secondary subject.

Why is it useful?

We trialled these posters and planning hints documents in the autumn term after requests from authors over the summer. The feedback has been really positive so we've given the spring term the same treatment! We're still improving, reviewing and refining the format and content of these insights, so do let us know if there's anything else that would be useful to help to inspire you when you're thinking about creating resources, or give you a little more direction when you're thinking about what to publish on TES.

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