Five ways to make your shop a success

Sian Evans
30th August 2016
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Author advice: Brad-Ashley shares his top tips for giving your shop the best possible start

Typically, we get lots of questions from new and established authors about how they can make the most out of their shops. While it’s important to personalise your resources and create a shop that suits you and your style, there are certain nuggets of advice that are helpful to everybody.

We got in touch with Brad-Ashley, a successful TES Author who uploaded his first resource eight years ago, to give you some top tips from the front line: 

  1. Think ahead
    If you’re creating a resource for a class or producing a scheme of work (which, by the way, sell very well), always have in the back of your mind how it can be tailored for sale on the TES site. I do this by saving a separate version on my computer and adapting it by removing any specifics that would only suit the class I am teaching.
  2. Be original
    Whether sharing or selling a resource on the TES website, it goes without saying that it must be all your own work. Images are the property of their respective owners, so make sure you source royalty-free images for any resources published on TES.
  3. Mix it up
    Try to balance your premium resources with some free uploads. Sharing for free could also direct additional traffic to your TES profile page or TES Shop, which in turn could generate more sales.
  4. Go global
    In addition to publishing resources for teachers in the UK and Australia, you can create versions for sale in the US. I simply save another version when I feel it may be suitable for global sales. It is worth remembering that you do need to go through the resource carefully to change any spellings to American English, remove any UK references and make it clear in the title that is aimed at US teachers. 
  5. Get involved
    Keeping your profile page up-to-date, adding links to your Twitter and Facebook feeds, opening and personalising your shop’s homepage can all help generate more sales. Don’t forget to review other authors’ resources when you download them, and have your say in the TES Community forums too. It is all worth doing and gets your profile name out there.

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