Increasing the maximum file size of resources to 1GB for all authors

Richard Wilson
26th November 2018
Increased Resource Capacity 1GB

Until now the maximum file size we have allowed authors to upload to Tes Resources has been limited to 225mb. From today you will now be able to upload files of up to 1GB.

In recent months we have had feedback from you saying that 225mb is not big enough for some of the richer, larger material that you would like to share on Tes. So our engineering team has been busy working behind the scenes and we are happy to announce that from today you will now be able to upload files of up to 1GB. This option will be open to all authors, regardless of tier.

Historically, we have allowed authors to host particularly large files in off-site repositories. We will be allowing authors to change any such material that is between 225mb and 1GB by swapping the external links on their resources for the files themselves by 30 January 2019.

We should also stress that - as a rule - bigger isn’t necessarily better. This increased limit will, of course, enable you to create bundles up to 20GB in size. Given that this is a dramatically large amount to expect anyone to download, we advise that a sensible approach is taken in keeping the size of files as low as possible as buyers will be put off buying multiple resources of such a large size due to download speeds and storage space.

High definition videos can sometimes be very large files. If you wish to share these, you may want to consider other options including uploading them on video hosting platforms such as Vimeo where they can be made private and or password protected, then provide a link and password within your resource.

We appreciate that this change does not address the issue of unsupported file types. Where authors have questions about those, please contact us on and we will discuss those on a case-by-case basis.

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