Meet Jessica, Amanda, Toby and Hernan

Haya Barlas
15th February 2018
Meet Jessica, Amanda, Toby and Hernan

They're making a difference and improving lives through education by sharing their resources with teachers all over the world. You could be next. Why not upload a resource that you’re proud of today and watch as it takes flight?


Jessica and Amanda – Blossoming Minds

Sisters Jessica and Amanda create primary resources together as Blossoming Minds. Since they started sharing their resources on Tes in December 2016, they’ve been downloaded by teachers in 47 countries, from the US to New Zealand, and Norway to South Africa.

Jessica has worked as an infant teacher, a junior school teacher, a supply teacher and a learning officer at a nature reserve. Amanda’s expertise lies in exam moderation and mathematics. By combining their skills they can make the best possible resources.

They begin each resource with research, searching the Tes website to decide what they could do to improve on what is already out there. Then they study the curriculum, look at old exam papers and make sure their subject knowledge is sound, to ensure their resources meet teachers’ needs.

They’re determined to help teachers, parents and children and love to create resources for topics they’re passionate about.

Jessica and Amanda’s top tip for new authors:

Look for a gap in the market. Some subjects are overloaded with quality resources, but there are still areas that could do with a wider variety of teaching materials. If there are any lessons you’ve taught that you’ve had to plan from scratch, it probably means there were not enough helpful materials on Tes. So upload yours!


Toby Grimmett – Secret Sharer

Toby shares his English resources for free as Secret Sharer. Since he started sharing his resources on Tes in April 2016, they’ve been downloaded by teachers in 67 countries, from Argentina to India, and Portugal to Indonesia.

Tony learnt the importance of creative, engaging and well-differentiated resources when he began his teaching career as an education assistant at a special school. He drew pictures for the students and created worksheets for the teacher because he enjoyed doing it. Now, as a key-stage coordinator in a secondary school, he’s in a great position to help his colleagues, and make their life easier, by providing them with strong, comprehensive resources.

At the start of his career, Toby struggled to find the time to create lessons from scratch. As his experience and confidence grew, he wanted to give something back to the Tes community for all the times it saved his career.

Toby’s top tip for new authors:

I’d highly recommend sharing resources on Tes – without the help other sharers have given me, I don’t know whether I would have survived my first years of teaching. I also genuinely believe that you get what you give and when you receive a positive comment,, I guarantee it will brighten your day.


Hernán Giannini - Hernigian 

Hernán Giannini creates English as a foreign language and Spanish resources as Hernigian. Since he started sharing his resources on Tes in May 2014 they’ve been downloaded by teachers in 57 countries, from Mexico to Sudan, and Turkey to Vietnam.

As a Spanish native speaker, from Buenos Aires in Argentina, Hernan has been teaching English as a foreign language for 15 years, at primary and secondary schools and English institutions. Teaching has changed his life and what really makes him feel happy is the fact that most of his students come from poor and violent backgrounds and they come to school to find a place of protection and love. Opening a shop on Tes has given him the opportunity to earn some extra money to buy materials to share with them, and to support educators from all over the world.


Hernan’s top tip for new authors:

Learning a second language is amazing and language immersion programmes are an excellent way of teaching several subjects in a foreign language. Planning is the real key to achieving goals. You need to have specific goals and learning outcomes in mind for your students. Take your time and plan everything!  


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