Meet the star authors of 2017

Haya Barlas
21st December 2017
Tes Star Authors of 2017

Check out the stories of our four star authors who started sharing their resources on Tes in 2017. They’ve also shared their top tips to help you follow in their footsteps!

Little Miss Technical: best-selling new author of 2017

Little Miss Technical trained in Early Years and has taught in KS1 for 5 years. She enjoys making resources that engage and enthuse the children in her class. She has made a huge impact in her first year on Tes with just over 50 resources in her shop, which shows the importance of focusing on quality, rather than just quantity.

Why Little Miss Technical decided to share her resources on Tes

Little Miss Technical started sharing her resources on Tes after realising through Facebook groups that there was a demand for the resources she was creating. The site seemed a good platform to be able to showcase all of her creations.

Little Miss Technical’s highlight of 2017:

Little Miss Technical’s highlight of 2017 was becoming a top 10 selling author on the site!

Little Miss Technical's top tip for new authors:

I've tried and tested all the resources in my shop in my own classroom. By testing out your resources you can make sure that they really engage your students, and adapt them if you need to, before sharing them with others.


Rose Coates – Miss C Resources: runner-up, best-selling new author of 2017

Rose (Miss C Resources) has been a Secondary School English teacher for 7 years and she now also works alongside an SEN department. She has worked in Central London and now works in Essex.

Why Rose decided to share her resources on Tes

Rose joined Tes as a PGCE student after been advised that it was an excellent resource-sharing community and a great opportunity to share questions, concerns and practice. She followed the blogs and forums, particularly for engaging classroom teaching strategies, questioning and displays. She then began to download resources and adapt them for her own groups before jumping at the chance to become an author herself.

Rose’s highlight of 2017:

The highlight of 2017 for Rose has been reading some of the wonderful reviews of her resources both on Tes and social media and knowing that she’s helped save talented busy teachers a few moments of planning time, and engaged their students as well.

Rose’s top tip for new authors:

Roses’ tip for new authors is that Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are great ways to share your resources, promote your sales and get people talking. Your resources could really help a teacher and ease some of their workload. With so many incredible teachers out there, it makes complete sense to share ideas and teaching tools internationally.



David Morse – Maths 4 Everyone: most downloaded new author of 2017

During his almost 30-year career, David (Maths 4 Everyone) has taught children (and adults) from a huge range of backgrounds and abilities. In addition to teaching maths, he was Head of Computing/ICT for a total of 20 years, at three different schools.

Why David decided to share his resources on Tes

David has always prepared his own resources, creating 100s during his career which he has constantly refined. For many years, he wanted to share his resources, but was never sure of the best way to do so. He finally chose to upload them to the Tes because he feels that it’s an excellent place to get them seen by other teachers. It also provides convenient tools for him to see how many people are connecting with his resources and downloading them.

David’s highlight of 2017:

For David, the highlight of 2017 was in June, when he finally got around to uploading his first resource.

David’s top tip for new authors:

David’s tip to new authors is don’t forget about your resources after you’ve uploaded them. If you think of a way that they can be improved, then make the changes and re-upload.


Paul Wassell – Lead Practitioner: runner-up, most downloaded new author of 2017

Paul (Lead Practitioner) has been teaching for eight years and in that time, he has worked as both a lead practitioner and now as an assistant headteacher.

Why Paul decided to share his resources on Tes

His passion for creating quality lessons and teaching resources led to him sharing his work via the Tes community.

Paul’s highlight of 2017:

Paul’s highlight of 2017 has been getting great feedback from other teachers across the world about his lessons and using that feedback to improve his resources and his own lessons within school.

Paul’s top tip for new authors:

Paul’s tip to new authors starting in 2018 would be to only share resources that you are truly proud of – if you were going to purchase or download Tes resources, what would you be looking for?


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