Resources in demand: June 2018

Haya Barlas
11th May 2018
Resources in demand on Tes in June

With teachers in the UK busy focussing on test and exam season, now's a great time to share inspiring, high-quality resources to help them plan inspiring lessons even more quickly for their other classes, and for post-assessment lessons in June.

To help you decide which resources to upload, we've put together our monthly list of popular search terms for June. Like last month we've included terms for which there are fewer resources to give you the best chance of making the biggest impact. The keywords in italics below can be applied to primary resources as well as secondary ones.

This weekend, share your royal wedding resources ahead of the big day on 19th May, and get your FIFA World Cup resources ready for the kick off on 14th June. Read on for more global key dates and events, and remember to avoid anything that's trademarked.

Resources in demand

  • ArtPicasso, Van Gogh, African art, portraits, typography
  • Biology - menstrual cycle, selective breeding, aerobic respiration, antibiotics, genetic engineering
  • Chemistry - electrolysis, covalent bonding, moles, distillation, isotopes
  • ComputingPython, Scratch, databases, spreadsheet, logic gates
  • English - unseen poetry, The Tempest, Skellig, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, The Rainbow Fish
  • Geography fossils, sedimentary rocks, carbon footprint, the rock cycle, Fairtrade
  • History - Vikings, French Revolution, Spanish Armada, Peasants Revolt, slave trade
  • Mathspolygons, pie charts, balancing equations, surds, circle theorems
  • Modern foreign languages - les choristes, la haine, el tiempo, ma ville, mi casa
  • Musicmusical futures, ukulele, Samba, Reggae, The Beatles
  • PErounders, athletics, javelin, discus, softball
  • Physics - specific heat capacity, conservation of mass, momentum, latent heat, Hooke’s Law
  • PSHE/Citizenshipterrorism, puberty, contraception, diversity, radicalisation
  • Religious Studies/EthicsSikhism, synagogue, Moses, sacraments, baptism


Key global dates and events

  • The royal wedding (May)
  • Donut Day
  • Global Sharing Week
  • Child Safety Week (UK)
  • Refugee Week (UK)
  • Eid Al Fitr
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Father's Day (UK)
  • Queen's Birthday (UK)
  • World Social Media Day



Resources in Demand - June 2018

This resource pack contains bright and colourful printable slides, featuring the top search keywords for April 2018. Aimed to guide authors with what teachers are searching for, and which keywords to include within their resource titles. This month we’ve unearthed key topics for each subject that there aren’t many resources available for, but that we know teachers need. The italicised keywords can be applied to primary resources.

By Tes Resources Team

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