Resources in demand: May 2018

Haya Barlas
11th April 2018
Resources in demand in May

Here’s our May round-up of what teachers will be searching for. This month, we’ve highlighted the primary and secondary topics most in demand.

We’re continuing to improve the insights we give you and this month we’re sharing popular search terms for even more subjects including art, music, computing and PE, and for both primary and secondary resources. The italicised keywords in the list below can be applied to primary resources.

Similarly to last month, we’re sharing a new set of topics to help you decide which resources to create and share. Because there are fewer resources available on Tes for these topics, there’s space to be filled with your high quality materials. We also know there’s strong interest in these topics, but not the right resources available, since they receive frequent views but don’t always attract downloads.

Happy uploading!


Resources in demand

  • Art: textiles, photography, Pop art, Picasso, design technology
  • Biology: antibiotic resistance, bioaccumulation, bioenergetics, endocrine system, germination
  • Chemistry: chromatography, collision theory, empirical formula, fractional distillation, halogens
  • Computing: Python, Scratch, logic gates, types of data, Microbit
  • English: A Streetcar Named Desire, Bayonet Charge, Death of a Salesman, dystopia, fronted adverbials
  • Geography: coastal erosion, compass points, desertification, igneous rocks, natural disasters
  • History: Apartheid, Battle of Hastings, capital punishment, Crusades, Dunkirk
  • Maths: 3D pythagoras, conditional probability, congruent triangles, constructing triangles, probability trees
  • Modern foreign languages: conditional tense, el medio ambiente, expanded noun phrases, futur proche, imparfait
  • Music: film music, musical futures, reggae, samba, ukulele
  • Physics: circular motion, elastic potential energy, electron configuration, floating and sinking, Hooke's Law
  • PSHE/Citizenship: anger management, E safety, fake news, growth mindset, refugees
  • PE: rounders, athletics, tennis, cricket, long jump
  • Religious studies/Ethics: euthanasia, Hajj, Hinduism, miracles, Pentecost


Key global dates and events

  • National Share a Story Month (UK)
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Red Cross Week (UK)
  • Christian Aid Week (UK)
  • National Doughnut Week (UK)
  • Mothers Day (Australia & US)
  • Mental Health Week
  • Walk to School Week (UK)
  • Ramadan
  • Deaf Awareness Week (UK)
  • National Sorry Day (Australia)
  • Reconciliation Week (Australia)
  • Memorial Day (US)


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