The TES Author discounting tool is live!

Heather Charles
03rd August 2016
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New functionality to allow TES Authors to run their own sales

Last month we launched the resource bundle tool, and this month we have even more great news to share with TES Authors - our new sales tool is ready to use! This means you can choose to discount your resources and run your very own sales.

You can find some quick steps on how to use the sales tool below, plus links to FAQs and notes on how to contact us if you need more support.

Running your own TES resources sale

  1. Once logged in to, click your avatar or username in the top right to view the menu, and choose My sales from the first column. Or, you can follow this link. You'll find yourself in your sales dashboard.
  2. To create a new sale, simply click the New sale button on the top right. Please be aware you can only run one sale discount at a time, but you can schedule future sales.
  3. This page is where the magic happens. You can choose to include all of your resources, or select particular resources to discount, via the Add resources button on the left. You can also give your sale a name, but this is only visible to you.
  4. Next it's time to choose your level of discount, from 5% to 25%. As is the case with bundles, TES does not subsidise author discounts, so the sale resource price is what you'll earn royalty on. 
  5. Last but not least, you should specify a date range for the discount to run, and a relevant time zone. This only affects the time your sale starts and ends. Your discounted resources will still be visible to users across the globe!
  6. If you've followed the steps above, all that's left is to click the Create sale button and your discount will be applied as per your directions.

Don't forget to download banners to promote your sale on social media and your own blog or website!

Frequently asked questions

What happens if TES runs a site-wide sale when I'm already running a discount?

If your sale period coincides with a TES site-wide sale, the offers will be stacked, resulting in a double discount for the buyer. The proportion of the offer in the site-wide discount will be funded by TES and the author-run discount will be self-funded.

Please note you will receive notification of site-wide sales as normal and you can choose to opt-out if you wish.

Can I modify a sale once it has been activated?

No, you cannot edit an active sale. You will need to end the sale and set it up again with any amendments made. You can, however, edit an upcoming sale that has not yet begun.

How long can I run a sale for?

Sales must be a minimum of one day (24 hours) and a maximum of 2 weeks.

You can find all of the FAQs about the tool here.

Talk to us

If you have any questions or queries not covered above, please do let us know. We'd also be delighted to hear any feedback or thoughts you have on how the tool works once you've tried it out!

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