Update: Rich Pins have landed!

Heather Imrie
07th January 2016


Premium resources are Rich Pin-compatible with Pinterest

Do you publish resources on TES? We have great news! If you hadn’t noticed already, we’ve got Rich Pins up and running for premium resources.

What’s the big deal? We’ve answered some FAQs below to help explain why we’re so excited.

What are Rich Pins and how are they different to Pinterest’s normal pins?

Rich Pins pull in product information, so they'll automatically show your resource title and the price of your resource. 

If this still feels a bit foreign to you, see our beginner's guide to social media and tips on how to get started on Pinterest.

Are there benefits to using Rich Pins?

For an author who wants to promote their resources, social media can be invaluable. We get a huge amount of traffic from Pinterest and teachers are increasingly using the app for inspiration.

Rich Pins help you to promote your premium resources with minimum effort on your part.

Ok, so how do I get started?

It's simple, when you publish a premium resource there is a pop-up with options to promote your resource on different social platforms. Click on the Pinterest logo and you'll be all set.

What about resources I’ve already published?

You can create Rich Pins in the same way you create existing pins on Pinterest, once the website recognises the link is to a premium resource it automatically becomes a Rich Pin.

Any premium resources you've already pinned should have converted to Rich Pins. If you have existing premium resource pins that haven't updated, you might just need to double-check the link to your resource from Pinterest is working.


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