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Liz Mavor
18th July 2017
introducing new video feature on RDP

Any video, on any resource, any time! We are so excited at Tes Towers to introduce the ability to add video embeds to any resource page and we hope you are too.

You can now embed a video on any resource from anywhere on the Internet! That means that the lovely videos you’ve been putting on YouTube can now work as previews on your resource pages! You can even add them to already published resources by going to your author dashboard and editing them.

What authors are saying

Martin Grundy aka Teacher-of-Primary has been creating videos to go with his resources for a few years and posting them on YouTube to give his resources an extra presence online. As soon as he saw the new video embed feature he started adding them to his Tes profile.

“It’s a good idea,” he said on discovering the new feature, “I have always said that buyers need to be able to see what they are buying before a purchase. It’s helpful for both the seller and the buyer as everyone knows exactly what is for sale, which hopefully results in a better buying and selling experience for both parties.” You can see one of Martin’s video previews here.

Ways you can use video as a Tes author

  1. As a preview for your resource. Check out this fun lesson by Tes Author Artsy-Crafter.
  2. As a resource in it’s own right. You could add a video that can be used in the classroom to show a particular concept to children/students.
  3. As a lesson starter or plenary.
  4. As a guide for teaching a particular lesson. See a good example of this in Tes Author TeachLikeAHero’s lesson on Teaching the Electrolysis of Aluminium

How to add a video to your resource

On the upload page paste the url or embed code from your video into the space provided on the top right side:

Tes resources upload page screengrab

Click 'Add'.

Complete and publish your resource and the video will appear on the page for the world to see! 

We will be adding some great hints and tips for creating and using video in the classroom over the summer, so watch this space!

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