Video How-to: Copyright

Liz Mavor
04th September 2017

The ninth video in our series of top tips for creating videos

Do you want to use your favourite song under your video? Maybe you would like to use some footage from a TV program as well. When doing these things you need to be very careful about infringing copyright, particularly if you are going to be selling your video. Copyright infringement can also include photographs and other materials that you did not personally produce. In the UK you are liable to verify right usage and get clearance.

In this video we’ve got a solicitor explaining the ins and outs of basic copyright law in the UK.



Keep watching to learn more about using and creating videos for the classroom in the rest of our series.

Topics covered:

  1. Introducing the Tes Video How-To series
  2. Using video in the classroom
  3. Reasons for filming your class
  4. Using mobile phones and tablets
  5. Using DSLR cameras
  6. Filming basics
  7. Using audio
  8. Editing basics
  9. Basics of copyright law
  10. Parental consent

Stay tuned over the summer to watch all of our videos in the series and brush up on your filming techniques before we all head back to school!

If you'd like to jump ahead and watch the rest of the videos in the series check them out here.

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