Video How-To: Parental Consent

Liz Mavor
08th September 2017

The tenth and final video in our series of top tips for creating videos

It is always important to ensure that you have permission to film anyone under the age of 18. Permission is granted by a parent or guardian. Many schools will have permission granted for their students at the beginning of the school year. It is up to you to verify the rights and usage of that permission and to make sure that every child in the video footage is allowed to be used in the way in which you plan to use your content.

In this video we have a solicitor explaining everything you need to know about parental consent and filming in schools.



Keep watching to learn more about using and creating videos for the classroom in the rest of our series.

Topics covered:

  1. Introducing the Tes Video How-To series
  2. Using video in the classroom
  3. Reasons for filming your class
  4. Using mobile phones and tablets
  5. Using DSLR cameras
  6. Filming basics
  7. Using audio
  8. Editing basics
  9. Basics of copyright law
  10. Parental consent

Thanks for watching our series on using video in the class and filming on your own. We hope you found it helpful and will get creative with your usage and filming. If you'd like to watch or download the rest of the videos in the series you can also find them here.


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