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Tray and Peg Labels

An essential classroom organisational resource.

Blank Tray Labels
These blank labels could be used for trays, boxes, vocabulary to hang across your room or to stick to your window. In total there are 5 different designs ready to add colour and a professional touch to your classroom. Sent in MS Word format all you need to do is type into the labels, print them out and add them to your classroom.

What you type into the labels is up to you. It could include:
Children’s names for tray labels
Key vocabulary to display around the class
Classroom items to add onto trays or boxes
In total there are 50 labels for each design but because the labels are sent via email there is in fact an endless amount of each. Each label is approximately 5cm in height and 17.5cm in width.

Blank Peg Labels
An essential classroom organisational resource. These blank peg labels add an attractive look to your cloakrooms. The children in your class will know exactly where to put their bags when they arrive in the morning!

In total there are 5 different coloured designs. Each page has 15 peg labels but because the labels are sent out via email there is in fact an endless amount of each. Each label is approximately 4.8cm in height and 6.4cm in width.
By ResourceCentre

Daily Visual Timetable

A common occurring theme with many children is the need for routine. Children are often more settled in school than they are at home and that's due to the structure and discipline in a classroom setting.
Some children simply cannot cope without structure. This doesn’t just apply to children with special educational needs, we all want to know what's happening next in our day! In particular, the need for structure and routine is higher in children on the spectrum.

Included in this download-

Over 20 images with words that can be used to make a Visual Timetable. Can be used for a whole class or individual students.

Check out the preview! :)
By PollyPuddleduck

Monitors display

Colourful monitor job labels which are shaped like pockets. Monitor 9 doccument is the display title and there are also some pencil shaped labels I've made on which children&'s names can be added and displayed in or under pockets. You can pick from the dozens of jobs!!
By sairer

Behaviour Monitoring - Seating Plans

A 14 slide presentation on the pros and cons of different types of seating plans with a focus on behaviour management. Also includes a tried and tested method of seating classes with behaviour issues to improve the learning atmosphere.

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By EC Resources

Behaviour Management Strategies for the Classroom

Whether you are a new to teaching, need a new perspective or looking for something to use in your next behaviour management professional development this document is for you!

The resource includes a 5 page outline on simple does and don’ts of classroom management that you can implement today.

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By engagingresources

A4 colour behaviour expectations for 6-11yrs

Examples of some classroom expectations describing behaviours for a safe respectful, learning environment. Attached also a 1 page guide for positioning and using behaviour visuals in a classroom. Uses the stem phrase: In this classroom we eg. keep trying when it's hard.
By Alexandra-MacKenzie

Behaviour Monitoring : Reward Jars-Behaviour Management

Behaviour Monitoring : Reward Jars-Behaviour Monitoring

This PowerPoint Contains four reward jars to use with your pupils to positively reinforce good behaviour. A great Visual behaviour monitoring strategy!

Simply press the right arrow key to add an item to the jar and the left arrow key to delete it.

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By TeachElite

KS3 Classroom behaviour, rewards and incentives chart

I use this system of classroom rewards and incentives for my KS3 students.
I have found that this system works well in providing incentives for good student accountability and motivation to do well in lessons through friendly competition and ensuring team work.

You will see from the attachments that my KS3 classes are divided into four teams and are awarded points for a prescribed set of criteria. At the end of the week I reward the students in the winning team.

I have attached charts for Years 7, 8 & 9. There are two copies of each, one with my rewards criteria and one without so that you may write in your own. All files are in PDF format. Either write in names etc by hand or use your PDF viewer to add annotations.

I hope you find these resources useful. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
By Craig Collins

40 Icebreakers

40 icebreakers to try out with your new groups.
By resourc

This is me shield activity

This PDF file contains three different shields for the children to design as part of your back to school or transition activities. The shields are divided into four sections for children to draw pictures to tell people more about themselves. Maybe they could include their hobbies, favourite food, what books they like to read, favourite sport, favourite subject at school, or what they would like to be when they grow up. There is also space for their name in a scroll at the bottom.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
By Helen Rachel Crossley

Welcome Back Challenge for Tutorial Time

This is an ice-breaker activity that I put together for my new Year 8 form. The format is: Find someone who.... with a follow up question. E.g. Find someone who read a good book:........... What did they read?....
By Bette Noire

Back to School 5 in a Row Positive Bingo

Celebrate the start of the year with your class with this fun Back to School Positive Bingo game.This is a self running game on the computer, whiteboard or projector.

Included are words to reinforce positive behaviour in your class to create the perfect class from gamification. There are enough cards for the whole class. 30 bingo Cards Included. I have played this game with my own class at the start of last year and they loved it.

This Bingo game is also useful all year round when your are needing to reinforce positive classroom relationships. In particular perfect for those hard to reach classes all year round.

The games can run on computers, whiteboards or projectors. All that is required is that you print, cut and laminate the Boards and press start on the PowerPoint Show.

There are 30 different Boards for your students to choose from and with the shuffling ability of the game, every game is different so that your students do not get bored of it. This game is self timed with a 10 second interval between the questions giving the students enough time to mark off or put a counter on their Board.

By Kiwilander

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