Teaching prepositions

Flora Michti
08th November 2018
Teaching prepositions to EAL students

Teach your students how to use prepositions correctly with this selection of games, worksheets and presentations

Whether you're an EAL or an English teacher, some of your students are bound to struggle with prepositions. We know you're busy, so we've hand-picked the best resources on prepositions for your beginner, elementary and advanced learners. 

Prepositions of place

Practise prepositions of place with beginners using these animated games and worksheets that include flashcards, cut-and-paste activities and drilling tasks.

Prepositions of place game - Hamster Hunt

For beginner ESL / EFL students.

Presentation includes a review of prepositions of place (in, on, under, in front of, behind, next to, between) followed by Hamster Hunt, a guessing game in which students have to find hamsters in a house by making sentences using the prepositions. Optional furniture vocabulary can be displayed for lower level students.
By monssfisch4

Prepositions of place.

This is an English version on my ppt in French. It is created in order to review the prepositions of place. It includes two games with the sound and animation. It's useful for young learners as well for native speakers.
By bouledeneige

Prepositions - Worksheets for Grade I

These worksheets on ‘Prepositions’ are tailored for Grade 1 Kids.
The TOC is as follows
• Worksheets for the following
o Prepositions to Describe Pictures
o Position of the Cat – match the following
o Prepositions in Nursery Rhymes
o Prepositions Maze
o Match the Opposites
o Prepositions in Sentences
o Picking Prepositions
o Draw with Prepositions
o Picture Perfect
o The Right Preposition
o Add the Missing Preposition
o Jumbled Sentences
o Prepositions Crossword
o Make Sentences

• Prepositions Board Game
• Answer Keys
My son and his friends enjoyed doing them.
By Ritureddi


Prepositions {PowerPoint and Worksheets} - Prepositions are easy to teach when you use this no-prep PowerPoint! This is a highly visual, interactive and fun introduction to prepositions. Students discover what prepositions are through games and exercises. Active learning is encouraged throughout the PowerPoint. Students play games and use their whiteboards to maximize engagement.

52 PowerPoint slides
4 Worksheets (with answer keys)

Common Core Aligned: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.i

*Please note, this PPT does not cover prepositional phrases*

Created by Lindy du Plessis (store: Lindy loves to teach).
By lindylovestoteach

Prepositions of place

Which preposition of place do I use , suitable for all children, especially for SEN.

By cormic

Prepositions for EAL / ESL / ELL / ELD / ESOL / ELD

This cute little hippo makes learning prepositions an interesting and fun experience. By referring to the reference pages, if prepositions are unknown, students are able to successfully complete worksheets. This raises self esteem and consequently builds confidence in using English.
The worksheets included are :-
Match the words with pictures
Circle the word and write in the sentence
Write about the pictures
Cut and stick - Cut out the hippos and stick in the right place (There are dotted lines for cutting and inserting the hippo when the targeted preposition is behind.)
Flash cards are also provided. These could also be used to make an attractive display on the walls to help students to remember and retain the introduced vocabulary. The sentence provided on each flash card contains a preposition used in context.
Laminating the reference pages and flash cards is recommended.
By mcgowanfg

Prepositions of time

Use a snap game, a crossword puzzle or a traditional fill-in-the-blanks exercise to help beginners and elementary learners get a good grasp on prepositions of time.

ACARA: Year 3 - Prepositions of Time

This is a great and comprehenisve product to teach prepositions of time to primary school students, especially targetting ACARA Year 3 Grammar syllabus. The prepositions included are: in, on, at, since, for and from...to.

There are two power point slides and three worksheets with answers. The prepositions of time used are related to the following:

- to indicate precise time
- to indicate months, years, centuries and long periods of time
- to indicate time using since, for and from....to.

Just print and go & teach!!!
By MyResourcesGalore

Time Prepositions Snap

A fun way to review the use of on/at/in as time prepositions. In groups of two or three students deal out the cards face down. Students take their cards but must not look at them. Players turn over their cards together and look at them. If the cards use the same preposition the students need to shout ‘Snap!’. First player to do so keeps the cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

By Trish Elliston

Prepositions of Time Build a Sentence ESL Adults

Add some fun to your grammar activities for your ESL students with these fun build a sentence strips! There are subjects, verbs and objects (each on separate strips) to help the students identify each one and build their sentences correctly. This is a great way to get the students working on their sentence structure.

Sentence structure
Build a sentence
Prepositions of time

What's included:
- 3 pages of subjects, verbs and objects (strips)
- 1 recording sheet

Thank you for stopping by! :)
By seaofknowledge

Time Prepositions Crossword Puzzle

Time Prepositions Crossword Puzzle-ESL Fun Games
Try out our Time Prepositions Crossword Puzzle.

This is a two page crossword puzzle worksheet.  Each puzzle has a total of thirty-five statements or questions used as clues to solve the puzzle.

How to Use It: 
Students will use the across and down clues to write the correct words in a numbered grid.

These puzzles can be printed and handed out to students in class.  They also work great for extra homework practice.

Save on printing costs by projecting the puzzle and having students write down the answers in their notebooks.

Each puzzle includes an Answer Key.

Use our board and card games or other worksheets and exams as complimentary activities for this worksheet.

Don’t forget to download our free “Art Forms Crossword Puzzle” sample from our website to try one out.

By eslfungames

Other prepositions

Looking for something different? Check out the resources below and introduce prepositional phrases or review prepositions with your pupils. You can find more language teaching ideas in our latest resource collections

Literacy Resource - Verbs and Prepositions

Some verbs are usually followed by prepositions before the object of the verb. Students read the sentences and circle the correct word to complete each sentence.

This worksheet was created by Primary Leap

By PrimaryLeap


Prepositions: These prepositions cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while improving their grammar skills by identifying prepositions. How to Play and Assembly Instructions are included.

This activity has students reading various sentences to each other and then asked to identify the preposition through multiple choice answers..

There are two types of questions within two cootie catchers:
1. Students identify the correct preposition for the blank space within the sentence
2. Students identify the preposition within a completed sentence.

***** Enjoy this Lesson? Do a search for my other Cootie Catchers: *****
♦ Reading Strategies:
Authors Purpose
Cause and Effect
Character Traits
Compare and Contrast with Pictures
Compare and Contrast
Creative and Critical Thinking
Drawing Conclusions
Fact or Opinion
Figurative Language
Genre Identification
Genre Types
Literary Devices
Main Idea
Nonfiction Text Features
Parts of a Book
Point of View
Reading Comprehension
Reading Response Questions
Restating the Question
Story Elements
Text Structures
Text Structures: Informational Text Structures
Writing Prompts

♦ Vocabulary:
Analogies (Grades 3-5)
Analogies (Grades 6-8)
Analogies (Grade 9)
Compound Words
Context Clues
Greek and Latin Roots
Multiple Meaning Words
Root Words
Shades of Meaning
Tone and Mood
Transition Words

♦ Grammar:
Adjective Identification
Adjectives: Comparative and Superlative
Mentor Sentences
Nouns: Common, Proper, and Plural
Nouns: Collective
Nouns: Common and Proper
Nouns: Irregular Plural
Nouns: Plural Nouns
Nouns: Possessive Nouns
Parts of Speech
Prepositional Phrases
Pronouns: Identification
Pronouns: Possessive
Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Quotation Marks
Sentence Types
Sentences: Fragments and Run-Ons
Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex
Subject and Predicate: Complete and Compound
Verb Identification
Verb Tenses
Verbs: Helping
Verbs: Irregular
Verbs: Subject Verb Agreement
By ScienceSpot

Prepositions review

A quick review of prepostions of place and time. A good review for second language speakers or weaker learners. Includes a few class activities to do at the end of the presentation.
By Joshua Ball

Prepositions and prepositional phrases (a grammar for writing lesson)

This fully resourced lesson teaches students what prepositions and prepositional phrases are and then uses sentence combining exercises to give students practice with placing prepositional phrases at different points in the sentence.

The powerpoint includes a starter, an explanation of prepositions and prepositional phrases (with examples), instructions for the worksheet (with an example), a list of possible answers and a plenary. It also provides examples of misplaced phrases/modifiers to help students to recognise when they have not placed prepositional phrases in a sentence correctly.
By Zephyr_LPD

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