Anti-bullying resources for international students

Take a look at this hand-picked collection of posters, resource packs and activities, designed to raise awareness in your classroom

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Lesson Ideas To Familiarize Students With Bullying

Lesson ideas, posters and worksheets to raise awareness on different forms of bullying

With 2 out of 10 teenagers in the US reporting that they have experienced bullying, devoting some time to generate a discussion among students is crucial. We have put together a collection of presentations, worksheets and bundles to help you create an anti-bullying culture in your class.

Explain bullying

Try out these resources to talk about the impact, causes and ways of dealing with bullies and ensure pupils have a good understanding of the reality of bullying.

Is It Bullying?

Is It Bullying?

This exercise uses effective participation and reflective learning to learn ways of identifying when a situation could be described as bullying and increase understanding of the effects that bullying has.
Bullying Peer on Peer Abuse PSHE
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Bullying Peer on Peer Abuse PSHE

PSHE or Tutor Time anti-bullying week resources for the new PSHE 2020 curriculum. This detailed lesson focuses on the issues surrounding 'banter' culture - and when a bit of light teasing becomes bullying and verbal abuse, through investigating case studies and different scenarios familiar to all sc...


This contains a fully resourced set of activities that focus on the impact of bullying. This was used during form time, but could easily be adapted into say a Citizenship lesson as well. Learning Objectives: To understand what bullying is and its different forms. To explain the emotional impa...


Internet safety is a major concern when it comes to adolescents. Start a debate with your students on the dangers of cyberbullying and encourage them to reflect on realistic scenarios.

Current Affairs Form Time Activity - Cyber Bullying

Current Affairs Form Time Activity - Cyber Bullying

An engaging current affairs activity with videos, questions and a debate. New topical activity uploaded weekly! Please email me at if you would like the weekly PPT sent directly to your inbox. Please leave a review if you find this useful!
Cyber Bullying Awareness: Posters, Task Cards & Activities

Cyber Bullying Awareness: Posters, Task Cards & Activities

Do you want to educate your students about the dangers of Cyber Bullying? It is a rising problem among teenagers and young people in this age of social media, so this resource will offer your students the opportunity to consider the dangers and effects of cyber bullying by encouraging them to discus...

Fancy a bundle?

Check out these bundles that include posters, visual prompts and scripts about bullying and antisocial behaviour.

Anti-bullying Bundle
Peter Fogarty

Anti-bullying Bundle

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This is a cross curricular teaching resource for talking about friendship, family and bullying. It provides you with the images you can use to discuss sensitive topics with your class. The anti-bullying posters could be printed off and shown all around your school. Likewise, they could be used to in...


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3 short scripts lasting a couple of minutes long, look at various types of bullying and bullies. A workshop is included in the first script to assist your students to understand what they can do to help stop bullying; -Shaken & not stirred -The little you -Girl R skets