Celebrate World Book Day in the primary classroom

Helen Beevers
13th February 2019
World Book Day

Bring books to life in the primary classroom on World Book Day

World Book Day, 7 March, is just around the corner and to help you inspire your pupils, we have hand-picked a selection of resources including activities, templates and quizzes.

World Book Day Activity Booklet

Included in this booklet are printable activities detailed below,a template to make monster corner bookmarks, and World book day hats which the children can draw their favourite book onto and certificates, activities include:
What I came dressed as
My friends on world book day
Character Selfies
Character Thoughts and feelings
Story time book review
Book Bunting
Book Balloons
My Favourite book
By littlemisstechnical

Who Has Read What? World Book Day Activity

A fun and engaging activity for the whole class to ask each other questions linked to books they have read. Can they find someone who has read a book that has a monster in it or where good beats evil?
Great Key Stage 2 worksheet for World Book Day.
By Littlesherbetlemon

'Create your own book cover' or 'My Favourite book is' template.

A free resource allowing students to both design their own book cover and blurb or also help to create a poster on a favourite book of their choice - Perfect for World Book Day or a Reading Week display!
By MissCResources

WORLD BOOK DAY Quiz / Task Cards

Celebrate this year's World Book Day with this fun activity!

The activity is mainly aimed at lower KS2.

A set of 24 task cards with multiple choice questions about the books and characters children are familiar with. Recording sheet and answer sheet included.

Can be used as table tasks or hidden around the classroom for a fun hunt activity.
By hoppytimes

Read A Book

This is a song about reading books for Early Years and Key Stage 1 (although Key Stage 2 really like it too!). It has sound effects and a very catchy tune. Perfect for World Book Day. Contains vocal track, instrumental track, piano and vocal sheet music and a PowerPoint of the lyrics.

By dguerrard

World Book Day Bunting - Display - School Stuff

School Stuff

A range of differently themed bunting for World Book Day.

Multi-Coloured Theme
Where's Wally? Theme
Harry Potter Theme
Book Theme
By school_stuff

World Book Day Activity Pack

A set of printable activities for use on or around World Book Day.
Favourite Book activity sheet
Author research template
Book Lovers Bingo game
Roll a Book Title activity
Certificate of participation

Suitable for use in KS1 and KS2.

By Laura Brown

World Book Day Activities

World Book Day is celebrated in March and here's what every teacher needs. A selection of printable worksheets with writing, drawing and research activities for every child in the class. In other words great for differentation will stretch your more capable and help your less able children. A PDF file and a powerpoint presentation are included in the price and everything but the cover is in black and white for printing.
By teachercellar

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