Commemorating Anzac Day in class

Nicola Davison
17th April 2018
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Resources to remember the contribution of the Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War

Observed on 25 April each year, Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance, which historically commemorates the contribution and suffering of the soldiers that fought against the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli during the First World War.

These days, it is an opportunity to remember all service men and women, as the spirit of Anzac, with its qualities of courage, camaraderie and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance to both Austalia and New Zealand's national identities.

Why not use this hand-picked selection of lesson ideas and activities to explore this special day with your primary and secondary classes?

Whole school resources

Test your learners’ knowledge of Anzac Day with this 15-question, multiple-choice quiz, ideal as a starter, plenary activity or even as part of an assembly. Or, modernise your approach with these editable posters, outlining some of the modern conflicts in which Australian soldiers have also served.

For a more immersive experience, this themed codebreaking task gives students a flavour of the battle at Gallipoli, while allowing them to practise communicating grid references. Alternatively, develop learners’ understanding of the nature of warfare by researching those who served using this source pack as a starting point.


ANZAC Day - Quiz

ANZAC Day themed quiz with 15 questions and answers at the end.

See how much your students know about ANZAC Day.

Can be used as a starter or in an assembly.

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Australians in conflict - ANZAC Day

Two simple poster to used for ANZAC Day.

While ANZAC Day is mostly remembered for Gallipoli, today many students will have family members who have served in more modern conflicts. The posters list where Australians have served in war time and also as peacekeepers.

*Disclaimer: while every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, it is possible that some content will contain inaccuracies or errors.

The poster is in MS Word format so if there is a conflict or peacekeeping duty left out that a student's family member has served in you are able to make changes. It is also editable to make it relevant for New Zealand students and to remove the images of soldiers and equipment at your discretion.

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By Kittyrigues

Anzac Day -'Battleshots' game

A super-fun game that your students will love! Particularly suitable for New Zealand and Australian classrooms that are looking for learning activities based around Anzac Day.

You’re in a trench above Anzac Cove. You receive a coded message from your Commander. Decipher the code and then prepare for battle against a classmate …

The game is based on the popular game of ‘Battleships’ but this game has an Anzac theme. Players give co-ordinates to destroy enemy targets in the area across from ‘No Man’s Land’.

Vocabulary used in this game will prompt further research to develop a deeper understanding of the time soldiers spent in Gallipoli (eg, bivvy, jam tin bomb, stores, field gun, trench, etc).

This resource contains 3 different levels of the code breaking task and the game templates. It will suit a range of abilities, allowing you to differentiate your student’s learning. I believe it suits students from approximately Year 4 upwards (age 8/9 yrs+).

♦ Pre-game codebreaking task – decipher the message that is written in Morse Code (3 different levels). Optional task (it doesn't affect the game).
♦ Game instructions
♦ Game templates (3 different levels)
♦ Post-game activity – write a Morse code message back to your Commander informing him of the outcome of the battle.

Math Learning Objective:
Geometry (position and orientation): Communicate and interpret location using grid references.


© Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
By swelch_resources

How to research a service person - World War One

This resource was designed to support students and teachers in undertaking research on those who have served in World War One. This supports the development of both historical inquiry skills and knowledge and understanding in relation to the Australian Curriculum: History depth study on World War One. In particular, it can help students achieve objectives related to understanding the nature of warfare and where Australians served.
Steps 1 to 4 direct students to progressively more challenging resources, from the basic details of service to the original service records. Steps 5 to 8 can be used to extend students.
By rsl_vwm

Primary resources

Further engage primary pupils with these Anzac-themed rotational activities, including collage work and a baking opportunity. Additionally, these illustrated wordsearches enable learners to recap key terminology.

Encourage students to understand the thoughts and feelings of families whose sons fought at Gallipoli with this moving song. Meanwhile, this patriotic activity offers pupils the chance to practise a wide range of art skills in bringing the words of Australia and New Zealand's national anthems to life.


ANZAC Day activities

Here are a few rotational activities that you could do with your class on ANZAC Day.

By Saz66

ANZAC DAY - wordsearch

Two ANZAC Day themed word-searches with 15 words each.

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Song For Anzac Day - Families At Peace

A song sung by the families of three soldiers in the Gallipoli campaign - you'll have to listen to the song and read the full description in the downloadable document if you're interested - it's too complicated to explain in this space! It's 100 years since the Gallipoli landings. If you'd like to perform the song you'll have to get in touch and tell me what key - this is a challenging sing! I've demo'd it in Bm - but the score and backing track here is in Gm. This song is from my musical 'The Canterville Ghost'.

There's a version on You Tube:
By musicals4kidz

Anzac Art

Make some great ANZAC art with this set of paper. Create an Anzac image on top of the National Anthem or the Ode of Remembrance.

♦ New Zealand National Anthem - English
♦ New Zealand National Anthem – Te Reo Māori
♦ Australian National Anthem – English
♦ The Ode of Remembrance - English

3 Different Formats:
♦ Circle with frame
♦ Plain white paper
♦ Parchment paper

Each set of paper is provided in 4 different fonts to give you and your students plenty of choice.

Coloured pencils or watercolour paints are recommended as they will allow the text to still show through.

A great thing about this set of paper is that it can be used within other studies … not just Anzac Day. For example, a unit on Kiwiana / national identity.


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Secondary resources

Take an in-depth look at the origins of the Anzac legend with this thoughtful activity, requiring students to draw inferences based on the backgrounds of Charles Bean and Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett. Move on to discover the purpose of and messages within propaganda posters using these well-structured questions.

Why not accompany any learning about the battle at Gallipoli with these varied activity ideas? This source analysis worksheet is ideal for helping students to understand what it means to be critical of sources, or explore the qualities that helped the Anzacs to endure the Gallipoli Campaign with this thought-provoking writing task.


Origins of ANZAC: Ashmead-Bartlett Vs Bean

This activity requires students to think about Bean's and Ashmead-Bartlett's backgrounds and how that may have shaped their writing. They then compare and contrast their work on 4 separate topics to draw inferences about the origins of the ANZAC legend.
By agripton

Analysing WWI Recruitment posters - PRACTICE TASK

Practice task and modified practice task for those students who may require a higher level of support
By CatherineRHart

Gallipoli Source Analysis

Source analysis worksheet on a photo from Gallipoli. Helps students really be critical of visual sources.
By nikometh

ANZAC Day - writing activity

UPDATED: Thank you for the feedback

A PowerPoint presentation designed to have students write an original piece for the topic 'What qualities do you think the ANZACs possessed that enabled them to endure the Gallipoli Campaign.'

The presentation provides images and information to help students understand what conditions were like at Gallipoli.

I would suggest that you also find some simple YouTube clips to show.

Once the information is presented to the students they are prompted to create a mind-map before staring on their writing.

Use my ANZAC themed writing paper for this task found here

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