Comprehensive planning ideas for RE

Hand-picked schemes of work, medium term plans and lesson activities for making next year’s RE planning more manageable

Sian Evans

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Refresh your RE planning with inspiration from this collection of schemes of work and unit plans

Many aspects of religious education deals with complex issues, sensitive topics and thought-provoking dilemmas, all of which need to be approached with care. Because of this, every RE teacher knows that it is worth taking the time to come up with supportive ways of discussing ideas and creating a safe place within your classroom.

Whether you are looking for new content or are topping up existing planning, we’ve gathered together planning resources, packed full of imaginative ways to teach the new specification.  

KS3 resources

As a way to introduce learners to a variety of religious beliefs, this medium term plan* sets up a thought-provoking series of discussions on the similarities and differences of religious festivals around the globe.

For a deeper exploration, why not explore some of the most important elements of Hinduism using this comprehensive unit plan*? Alternatively, this student-friendly workbook* can form the basis of a unit of work on disciples and leadership in the Church.

KS4 resources

Tackle planning for the new specification head on with help from this detailed scheme of learning, as well as a pupil-friendly overview and glossary, all about Christian beliefs, teachings and practices. Equally, this well-presented scheme of work*, and accompanying presentations, sets up a thought-provoking and accessible approach to discussing religion, peace and conflict.

If you are searching for planning inspiration, these schemes of work can provide a useful starting point for planning a range of topics, from matters of life and death to religion and the media.

Post-16 resources

Adopt a sensitive and pragmatic approach to discussing life after death with your A2 classes using these accessible presentations. Similarly, introduce medical ethics and how the major world religions deal with key issues such as abortion, euthanasia and genetic engineering with this well-structured scheme of work.

To get your head around the bigger picture, this broad planning document for A-level philosophy and ethics offers keywords, homework questions and suggested reading for each part of the specification.

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KS3 resources KS4 resources Post-16 resources
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Church leadership workbook* SoW collection Philosophy and ethics planning

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