Ecology and ecosystems: vital connections in the world around us

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15th January 2020
Ecology and ecosystems: vital connections in the world around us

Discover a range of ecology and ecosystem resources which can be used to help your students explore the world around them

We have pulled together a selection of ecology and ecosystems resources to make your planning load a little lighter. From full lessons to knowledge organisers, we have selected a range of resources suitable for secondary students which can be teacher-led or used by students independently. You can also find GCSE and iGCSE biology resources in our science collection.

Lower secondary

Practical ecology workbook

I booklet I put together to teach some of the basic sampling techniques required for ecology fieldwork e.g. quadrats, Simpson's Diversity Index, transects etc
By Masfar

Ecology Investigation

Planning, and carrying out an ecological investigation into the relationship between tree cover and percentage ground cover. light intensity and soil PH are also recorded, and observation of the anthropogenic influence and season are also useful when evaluating results.
By joecozens

Feeding Relationships - AQA Biology 2016

A presentation and worksheets for teaching the keywords linked to feeding relationships. This has been taught to a mixed ability Year 10 group, but could easily be adapted to teach to a KS3 group or a high ability KS4 group.

Also available as part of a bundle
By amcooke

Upper secondary

AQA Biology B7 Ecology revision triple Science

Made using the AQA Biology specification (Triple Science)

Contains 2 slides of activities to complete for the B7 Ecology topic

I give these out at the end of each topic and also before holidays for exam preparation.

I have made the boxes equal sizes so that they can be blown up onto A3 card to create revision cards for intervention/ starters/ plenaries

Maths skills and RPAs are incorporated when appropriate

More of these on the way for all AQA units, RPAs and maths skills. Feedback welcome
By hephelumps

B7 Ecology revision broadsheets for new AQA Science GCSEs (exams 2018)

Revision sheets contain questions on key concepts from the ecology units.
Two worksheets suitable for Biology and Combined Science, and an additional sheet on the extra content for Separate Biology GCSE.
Each sheet should take approximately 30 minutes to complete
By rbusby123

AQA GCSE Biology B7 Ecology - Land and Water Pollution

Please leave a review :)
Follows the new 9-1 GCSE AQA specification
Includes structured research tasks - internet access required for students
All other necessary resources included in ppt

All images from google - I do not take any credit for these
By ems-jg

New AQA 2016 GCSE Trilogy Biology revision mat ecology

Revision place mat for Biology Chapter 6 following the Collins books covering ecosystems, biodiversity, predator-prey relationships, competition, adaptations of plant and animals, carbon cycle, water cycle, global warming, land use and pollution. Included in the revision mats is space for the required practical and maths skills. Students have found these really useful and simple. Easy to set for homework leading up to the exams.

For a sample please see the free chapter 1 placement found here:
By vy28

Topic 7: Ecology Revision Questions and Answer Sheets

Three sheets of straightforward revision questions. Written to provide simple recall test of what students have learned and need to learn (to reassure them as much as anything). Taken pretty much directly from the AQA 9-1 GCSE syllabus. Answer sheets are included. Would work well as a starter, plenary or on a VLE.

*Adaptations; Competition; Community; Habitat; Abiotic factors; Biotic factors; Ecosystem; Transects; Quadrats; Cycles;Biodiversity; Maintaining biodiversity; *

Included in the bundle: 26 Biology Revision Question Sheets (AQA 9-1 GCSE Combined Science) £10

By EliZiczac

Revision card sorts for AQA 9-1 GCSE Biology / Combined - B7 - Ecology, Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Ideal starter for a revision lesson. Three separate card sorts (2 for combined and an additional one for separate biology). Usually take about 5 minutes each.

Loop game – students read the question at the bottom of the card and find the card with the correct answer at the top. The final question should match up with the answer on the first card.
By rbusby123

AQA 9-1 New GCSE: B7 Ecology Knowledge Organiser

A knowledge organiser for B7: Ecology. It contains all the key knowledge from the B7 topic for the new GCSE.

I set revision tasks for the students from the start of the topic (e.g. learn 1-9). I then delete parts of the organiser and get students to fill it in for low stakes testing. So, for example, I might delete some of the equations (that they need to remember) or the names of the circuit symbols. Very important when there's so much to remember for the new GCSE.

This is for AQA Combined Science (Trilogy).
By colinhannah1982

AQA 1-9 GCSE Biology (Science) Ecology Revision Workbook

This resource is a GCSE Biology, ecology revision workbook that will help enable students to revise this topic and has been written to cover all of the key points in the GCSE Biology 2015 specification in this section. The main areas covered in this work booklet are:

  • Species
  • Classification
  • Distribution of organisms
  • Sampling
  • Predator prey graphs
  • Adaptations
  • Pyramids of biomass
  • Carbon cycle
  • Water cycle
  • Eutrophication
  • Global warming
  • Food security
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Microprotein

Within the booklet are a range of different activities for students to work through to help them remember the content.

Thanks for looking

By chalky1234567

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