English: Using film and TV in the classroom

Nicola Davison
18th May 2016
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Resources to help develop English skills through the study of film and television programmes

Film and TV are an integral part of most of students’ lives and, as such, can be hugely motivating when used in the classroom.  Importantly, they both give learners a wealth of opportunities to practise all of the major English skills, whether it’s reading scripts, discussing themes or writing reviews.  

Get inspired to make more use of film and TV with your classes by taking a look at our specially-selected collection of resources from TES.

KS3 resources

Use Neil Gaiman’s dark fantasy, Coraline, to investigate the conventions of fantasy and horror novels before examining their film adaptations with this fully-resourced scheme of work.  Or why not explore an aspect of modern day society – namely, surveillance – with this comprehensive series of presentations (£3) focusing on The Truman Show.

For something a bit more topical, this short, differentiated unit looks at texts and TV programmes on the theme of reality and comes complete with a homework booklet.

KS4 and post-16 resources

In this introductory scheme of work, pupils compare a variety of film-focused magazines, trailers, posters and websites ahead of their final task – to create a marketing campaign for an imaginary film. For a more comprehensive study, this eleven-lesson unit on writing film reviews (£10) takes learners through the relevant features, as well as introducing the key elements of film, before encouraging them to write their own.

Alternatively, explore the world of news and broadcasting with this collection of presentations and worksheets, which will challenge learners of all abilities.

Supporting resources

Learners of all ages can use this well-structured worksheet to make notes on the mise-en-scène of any film or television programme.  When it comes to reviewing, this handy writing frame and detailed word mat will help students to structure their thoughts appropriately.

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