GCSE science revision: biology

Lauren Tong
12th March 2019
GCSE science revision: biology

Support your students during exam season with our range of resources for GCSE biology

As exam season creeps upon us, there is no doubt that revision is in full swing. To support your students with revision at home as well as in the classroom, we have drawn together a selection of resources to stop potential procrastination and keep your GCSE students engaged. From revision games to exam practice, we have got you covered. Why not check out our GSCE revision collection?

Student-led revision

AQA 9-1 B1 topic Cells and Transport

I have these for the rest of the B1 topic - please let me know in the review whether they have been helpful and I can put the rest up.

Revision and plenary for Chapters

B1.2 Animal and plant cells
B1.3 Eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells
B1.4 Specialisation in animal cells
B1.5 Specialisation in plant cells
B1.6 Diffusion & B1.10 Exchanging materials
B1.7 Osmosis & B1.8 Osmosis in plants
B1.9 Active transport

Syllabus content, Graded learning objectives and questions.

Use lesson by lesson, as homework or copy as a booklet
By mrpatdoe

New AQA GCSE Cells Revision Poster 2018 exam

This is a revision poster based on the first topic in the new AQA Trilogy course. It could be used as a support placemat throughout lessons, but I tend to give pupils these as a revision summary at the end of the topic. It contains keywords for the topic and information for each of the subsections. It is very text heavy, so may only be suitable for higher ability pupils, which is the group I am teaching. I have pulled ideas together from similar formats already on TES. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
By paulamac29

GCSE Biology: Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport Worksheet Pack

A comprehensive pack of five worksheets aimed at GCSE Biology students, covering the topic of ‘transport across membranes’.
The worksheets are visually appealing and are designed to encourage independent learning and familiarisation of the key terminology. Students can use textbooks or their notes to complete the sheets. The sheets could also be used for revision of the topic or as an assessment. Answers sheets are provided for each worksheet.
The pack includes the following worksheets:

  1. Diffusion
  2. Factors that affect diffusion
  3. Osmosis (two versions: one using water potential in the definition, the other using water concentration)
  4. Active transport
  5. Summary crossword on all of the above
By beckystoke

AQA GCSE Biology Topic 2Organisation Flash Cards

Over 60 flash cards with questions and answers. Questions have been made based on common questions students get wrong and include working scientifically questions and maths questions. The last page has 6 bonus MCQ flash cards which test understanding of other questions within the flash card pack.

These flash cards could be given to students after they have completed topic two or saved for in year 11 when hard core revision begins!

Alternatively, I made the flash cards on PPT as I often copy one of the slides over and have my students complete the questions on it as a settler in order to interleave content.

The slides have been made in PPT and are fully editable. Print using the 'Print on both sides. Print on long edge' option under print settings.

Please leave a review with any comments or suggestions:)
By sarah needham

Knowledge organisers

GCSE Science Knowledge Organisers NEW AQA

Knowledge organisers for students to use throughout a topic. Useful for revision and for recall-based starters. Will upload more when created.
By ilovecake5

AQA 9-1 New GCSE: B4 Bioenergetics Knowledge Organiser

A knowledge organiser for B4: Bioenergetics (basically, photosynthesis and respiration). It contains all the key knowledge from the B4 topic for the new GCSE.

I set revision tasks for the students from the start of the topic (e.g. learn 1-9). I then delete parts of the organiser and get students to fill it in for low stakes testing. So, for example, I might delete some of the equations (that they need to remember) or the names of the circuit symbols. Very important when there's so much to remember for the new GCSE.

This is for AQA Combined Science (Trilogy).
By colinhannah1982

cells knowledge organiser

GCSE edexcel 9-1 biollogy CB1 cells
By hinz2001

Knowledge organiser SB7 Edexcel Hormones and homeostasis

Use for throughout or end of module for seperate science students studying Edexcel Biology. Topic SB7 Animal co-ordination and control. Completed using spec points
By ekgulliver

Exam practice

FREE GCSE Biology Quiz Generator - 100 Sample Questions!

Produce a printable 10, 15 and 20-question factual recall test from a bank of 100 biology questions!

Paid version consists of over 800 biology questions!

Easy to mark - mark schemes included!

Add your own questions! (paid version)

Topics Covered: (paid version)

Diet & Exercise
Drug Development / Abuse
Exchange In Animals
Transport In Animals
Nervous System
Immune System
Animal Hormones
Cells & Cell Transport
Tissues, Organs & Organ Systems
Organism Distribution
Organism Interactions
Energy Flow
Recycling Waste Materials
Humans & The Environment
Cell Division & Inheritance
Genetic Variation
Exchange In Plants
Transport In Plants
Plant Hormones
By TheQuizGuy

GCSE Biology Revision Quiz

50 Question multiple choice revision quiz for GCSE Biology. Ideal class activity testing knowledge and understanding of content from across the specification. Suitable for students who have completed or nearly completed the course as part of a revision lesson and helps with developing memory recall skills. Contains some higher tier questions which can be edited for lower ability groups. Fully editable with ‘Ask me’ to give all students opportunities to answer.
The quiz makes use of a 15 second timer to encourage quick thinking and improve speed of knowledge recall, after which the question is covered, only leaving the possible answers. Incorrect answers chosen are highlighted red to provide instant feedback to the students during the quiz and allowing for opportunities to discuss the correct answer.
When playing the presentation, the quiz is navigated by on-screen buttons to encourage students to answer all questions rather than skipping through to ensure that they are familiar with these topics and consolidate their learning across the course. This also provides opportunities for students to identify areas of weakness where they need to focus their revision.

By jdlangford1

GCSE Ecology new spec for Foundation: global warming, land use and deforestation worksheets

suitable for any exam board, but based on the AQA specification (references for AQA and Edexcel included) to students do exam style questions on the topics. All have approximate 1 - 5 grades and answers are on a separate sheet
objectives: subject content and exam technique
differentiation: 2 worksheets of 2 different levels of difficulty
good for: homework; as part of the lesson; revision; cover; catch up sheet for absent students; or as part of an independent project where lesson time is limitted
timing: about 30 minutes
By LawrenceL

AQA 1-9 GCSE Science Paper 2 Work Booklets Bundle

This resource is a bundle of 12 GCSE Science paper 2 work-booklets that will help enable students to revise the 12 sections in the second Science paper. The workbooks in this resource cover:

1: Ecology
2: Homeostasis
3: Inheritance, variation & evolution
4: Chemical analysis
5: Organic chemistry
6: Rate of reaction
7: The Atmosphere
8: Using resources
9: Forces
10: Magnets & electromagnetism
11: Space
12: Waves

Thanks for looking

By chalky1234567

Revision games

Heart / Lungs / Respiration - Board Game (KS4)

Fun Board Game to revise physiology topics: Heart, circulatory system, respiratory system, lungs, smoking, respiration etc

• includes around 90 question cards and 36 action cards

Great GCSE activity for revision (takes about 30 min)


  • instructions
  • Game board (print A3)
  • 36 action cards
  • 90 question cards
  • cards for oxygen, glucose, ATP

Also needed: 1 dice per set and 3-4 game pieces

By anjacschmidt

Complete GCSE Science Revision Game - ARTICULATE!

This board game is based on the hit title "articulate", with a similar playing style to Taboo!
This game was adapted with a focus on Year 11 GCSE Science, with topics from all 3 science disciplines and is applicable to most exam boards.
This activity acts as a great revision tool for whole classes or small intervention groups to ensure they are familiar with all the key words from across all 3 disciplines.
This activity has also been used as both a starter/plenary for classes in Year 9 --> Year 11 and as a reward at the end of a term!

How to use the resource?

(It does work well if a class set has been printed and laminated in advance of play).

1. Students play the game in pairs (this is good for accommodating larger class sizes). There should be a maximum of 4 pairs to each board game template.
2. Each pair takes it in turns to describe as many key words (corresponding to the colour they are on, on the playing board) to their partner but...

a. You cannot SPELL the word, or say how many letters it has.
b. You cannot SAY any part of the word.
c. You cannot use “rhymes with” or “sounds like".

3. If their partner guesses correctly, these cards are kept to the side and another is picked QUICKLY and described until the time is up!
4. Students count up their number of correct cards and move this number of spaces around the playing board.
5. Students can pass if they are unsure on how to describe the word/can not guess it! This saves time!
6. If students land on a star on the playing board - they need to describe and guess ONLY the words with a star next to them on the playing cards (this is a mixture of words from all 3 science disciplines).
7. The winner is the first pair to move their counter to the finish segment!


Please leave a review/feedback once you've used this resource so it can be adapted for others!

(Note: I do not own any of the rights associated with the playing title/game)
By sophie55_hanson

New AQA AS Biology Revision Game

This covers the whole Year 1 specification. Can be played as a game/competition or just for a quiet lesson of self-study or homework.
Using dice, students select a grid square from co-ordinates. They then complete the activity within that square. If they land on a Spec check, they can reassess their specification to see if they feel more confident with any topics following the activities. Exam Q squares are for them to complete a question, either provided by you or one they find themselves.
By Rae1986

BIOLOGY Revision board game Combined Science Edexcel

To be used with the Edxcel GCSE Combined Science (9-1) textbook (Pearson).
The idea is to get the students using the textbook and revising without realizing they are revising!
The game covers most of the content required for the Combined course for biology.
Can be played in a two, or in teams. The rules are attached. I would recommend that the game is printed onto A3 paper, preferably in colour, and laminated.
A great opportunity to make revision more collaborative and fun.

By aharwood79

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