Getting MFL students ready for the summer

Flora Michti
31st May 2019
Preparing MFL students for the summer

Homework packs, revision ideas and activities to prepare for the summer holidays

Are you ready for the summer break? Your students sure are! Check out these revision packs, lesson ideas and other goodies to help you begin wrapping up the academic year.


GCSE French Revision Activity booklet (legacy)

A very comprehensive revision and activity booklet aimed at the 2009 GCSE Students that I have put together. It contains all the GCSE topics with revision activities as well as two annexes: one for summer activities, one for grammar explanation. Message me in case of typos. I have added the word document versions of each part (the formatting might be off as it has been created on Pages on an Apple Mac).
By MrJGarnier

Year 7 Summer Project / Revision

In groups pupils to make a guide to send to their partner school. This must include:

An introduction of yourselves & a bit of basic information about each of you.
Your likes & dislikes.
Map of the school with labelled departments.
A picture of one of your classrooms with labelled objects.
An example of one of your pencil cases with labelled objects.
An example timetable.
A description of your school day.
This is useful for revision and to promote independent learning. Pupils work with the resources provided in this booklet to produce a guide in French.

Pupils must put the guide together and be ready to present it to the class in the week before Activities Week.

By Scherlock

French summer revisions - homework for beginners full lesson Part 1

How can we make sure that our students remember what we have taught them during the year? As the end of year is just around the corner, this resource will help you review with your students important topics in a fun way
Here's what you will get: a powerpoint with 37 slides to review in French. It comes with the activity booklet so that students can keep a written track of their learning.
It is aimed at beginners or pre-intermediate.

It can be used as a review, as a summer homework or as extension in your class. It contains 18 activities followed by the correction (matching up activities, filling gap activities, cross words, word searches, find the mistake activities, drawing activities) around the following topics:

- school objects
- school subjects
- numbers
- time
- colours
- clothes.

Have fun! more to come for a nice end of year!
By Caroline Musserotte

Bingo vive les vacances! (Summer Break Bingo)

Ce document contient:

- 26 cartes de bingo différentes
- 33 cartes d'appel
- 33 étiquettes descriptives qui permettent de travailler le vocabulaire et la lecture (inclus les termes employés en France)

Les cartes d'appel peuvent aussi servir de jeu d'association avec les mots-étiquettes ou de jeu de mémoire.
By Manon61r


Grammar revision tense & word order

2-side grammar revision test or worksheet on tenses and word orderfor students at the end of Y9 or in KS4.
By CombertonVillageCollege

Deutsch /DAF - Eine Postkarte aus dem Urlaub - Sommer Aktivität, Hausaufgabe, German summer activity

❤️ This is a FREEBIE for you ❤️

It is part of the big summer set which is now on Sale!!!

😊 SOMMER 😊 - Perfekt für Back to School - Days

35 Seiten voller motivierender Spiele und Übungen zur schönsten Jahreszeit!

Besonders geeignet für Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene
Level A2 /B1 - Beginner+ / Intermediate Stage
**INHALT: **

Bildkarten als Spiel- und Lernvorlage
Partner- und Gruppenarbeiten - kreatives Sprechen und Schreiben
Wortschatz: Essen und Trinken, Urlaub, Ein Tag am Strand…
mit Lösungen für den Lehrer und Hinweise für den Einsatz im Unterricht / Tipps zur Binnendifferenzierung
Alle Materialien wurden im Unterricht erprobt und sind sofort einsetzbar. Profitieren Sie von meinen Unterrichtserfahrungen! Ich unterrichte seit 2006 DAF auf allen Niveaustufen und weiss, welche Anforderungen gutes Lehrmaterial erfüllen muss. Deshalb teile ich mein Wissen nun mit Ihnen.

Bei Fragen oder Anregungen zu den Aufgaben können Sie mich jederzeit kontaktieren. Gerne unterstütze ich Sie, damit der Einsatz im Unterricht für Sie und Ihre Schüler erfolgreich wird.

❤️ About me ❤️

Hi there 👋🏼!

I´m Cindy from Leipzig, Germany. I have been a German and English teacher for more than 12 years now. And I love coffee breaks ☕️. Coffee is just great.

Over the years I have realized how much my students benefit most from lessons where THEY are the leaders, where THEY are encouraged to be proactive and learn from each other. Handing over the reins to my students doesn’t make me weaker as a teacher. It makes them responsible for their own learning and is highly motivating.

I don’t want my students to be sailors. I want them to be CAPTAINS!

(And I want coffee!)

My teaching resources are all designed to enable students to USE the language. This is why you will always find the communicative approach in my resources - even simple crosswords come with ideas for speaking activities.

All of my resources have been tested in class and will be updated regularly.

Please rate my resources to help me build a reputation among millions of resources.

Thanks for working with me ☺️


❤️ Please see my other resources, too:

By CindyKuehne

Sommer (Summer in German) Bundle

7 products to learn and practice vocabulary related to summer.

By jer520

German Summer Holiday - write a postcard - Postkarten

Fun Postcard Writing Activity - creative writing/personal narrative writing activity to supplement your German curriculum or for use in a writing station or center.

This pack contains;
* Instructions for use,
* 7 postcards with images: map of Germany, beach, camping, sailing, castle and mountains, hot air balloons, safari.
* a blank postcard for students to draw their own picture.

Teaching and learning opportunities include:
Letter writing conventions - address, greeting, signing off
Personal narrative and creative writing
Using vacation vocabulary.
Descriptive language to create images
Adverbs of time and sequence - today, tomorrow, then, later etc
Using present, past and future tenses.

Students love the cute graphics and the completed cards make a great display.

Tag - vacation
By LlanguageLlamas


Transition document Y9 into GCSE

This was created as a summer revision booklet for Y9 students who opted to continue with Spanish at GCSE.
By paraguayita

De Vacaciones

De Vacaciones - past holidays, quick revision of preterite tense, reading activity, speaking activities
By misstdunne

Spanish summer homework worksheet. Los deberes para el verano. La tarea del verano mini booklet

¡Los deberes pueden ser un rollo en verano !
Here is an enjoyable and colourful homework for your students: a checklist of nice and summery activities in SPANISH to do in their free time! They can colour in the activities once they do them whilst revising some vocabulary on the topic of 'Holidays. Suitable for KS3 but also as a revision tool for some KS4 classes.

By SonrieinSpanish

Spanish Summer Vocabulary Sheets, Worksheets, Matching & Bingo Games

Summer in Spanish is a booklet that focuses on the names of different summer items in Spanish like swimsuit, sun, swimming pool, etc.


12 full color pages of summer vocabulary with a pronunciation guide for your students
3 worksheets to reinforce the names of spring items
6 copywork pages (manuscript and cursive)
1 bingo game with 33 unique cards
1 matching game
1 completion certificate

All artwork is original and created by myself.

Thanks for stopping by my store,
Yvonne Crawford
Total Pages 33
Answer Key N/A
Teaching Duration N/A
By YvonneCrawford

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