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Heather Charles
26th August 2016
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From bestselling resources to trending search terms, find out what's popular with teachers on TES throughout the year

Last academic year, at the request of our authors, we researched and compiled termly insights into what teachers were searching, downloading and buying on TES. The feedback was really positive, but some of the more organised among you wanted more! So, to help you plan ahead, we've worked on an annual overview, which highlights trends and stats across the whole school year.

We know that many of you will need no encouragement to put this information to good use, but just in case you need a nudge in the right direction, we've explained below the value behind each section and how you can use it.

Popular search terms: What teachers are searching for

This is what teachers are typing in the search box when they're looking for resources on TES. If relevant, it's worth including them as keywords in your resource title and description.

Bestsellers: What teachers are buying

This is an overview of the most popular resources sold on TES in the same month last year. Look at what types of resources teachers are buying, and also what's popular throughout the year, to inspire your own uploads.

Themes and events: Visible trends from teacher activity across the site

These are the topics we see spike in popularity every year in search terms, downloads and sales. Assemblies and one-off lessons tend to do well in these areas, plus the usual staple themes, like revision and Christmas.

More to come...

Just so you know, these insights are based on site-wide data, so they're driven by a huge audience of users, but aren't specific to an age range or subject area. However, we have exciting plans for a series of blog posts that will shine the spotlight on a number of secondary subjects, as well as early years and primary-specific posts too.

Download the TES insider author insights for 2016-2017 here

In the meantime, if you have any burning questions or queries, drop us an email at and we'll do our best to help!

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