Inspiring New Year resources in MFL

With links to healthy living topics and future tenses, these resources and activity ideas are ideal for French, Spanish and German lessons in January

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Inspiring New Year MFL Resources 2020 With Stars

Activities and ideas help you to integrate resolutions into ​French, Spanish and German lessons before 2019 comes to an end

The timing of the beginning of the spring term lends itself well to MFL lessons on resolutions, with teaching often focusing on links to healthy lifestyle topics and future tense conjugation. To save you some time, we've found a selection of engaging resources to inspire planning and ease the start-of-term preparation workload.


Help your students acquire new grammar and vocabulary with a festive game or a worksheet that involves listening, reading and translation activities.

French New Year Resolutions

French New Year Resolutions

Simple new year resolutions in French. Designed for primary, could also be used for KS3. Two slides at end for worksheet. Print off the strip bingo cards to use in class.
French New Year's Day Taboo Game - Nouvel An Fran  ais
Jennifer Crespin

French New Year's Day Taboo Game - Nouvel An Fran ais

Play this French New Year's - Nouvel An Taboo game and have some fun! Playing games and having fun is when learning really happens in French class. I love to play the game Taboo with my students. French taboo is a game that is easy to modify and use with beginners and advanced students alike. ...


Practice the future tense in German while talking about New Year resolutions or talk with your class about holiday traditions with these presentations and worksheets.

Silvesterw  rter

Silvesterw rter

The power points helps to introduce vocabulary to talk about new year traditions in Germany. Words are presented individually and in context. Pupils can be encouraged to make up their own sentences, compare with what they do on New Year's Eve or even create a Silvester poster for the classroom. The ...
Resolutions for the New Year - future tense

Resolutions for the New Year - future tense

Ideal for the return to school! This resource pack contains a teacher presentation with 15 resolutions using "Ich werde" There is also a summary slide for speaking work There is a card sort of 16 resolutions. There is also a word cloud with 27 resolutions which is ideal for translation w...
New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions

little reading with vocabulary activity, little translation exercise, self study of future tense (needs adapting to available text book), practising weil-sentences, writing, extra: design poster, write poem


Encourage pupils to talk about their plans for the new year in Spanish using these lesson activities, and incorporate the holiday spirit within the material you make with these fun clipart images.

Christmas and New Year in Spain

Christmas and New Year in Spain

Whole lesson activity for pupils to learn how Christmas and New Year are celebrated in Spain. Includes posters which I stick on the walls and questions for pupils to answer in groups by going round the room reading the posters. Vocab sheet is included. Also a picture sheet for pupils to say what dat...
New Year's Resolutions (Spanish) / Los prop  sitos de a  o nuevo

New Year's Resolutions (Spanish) / Los prop sitos de a o nuevo

This resource, aimed at KS3 Spanish students, recaps the near future in the context of new year's resolutions. Introduces 12 new year's resolutions phrases and practises these with a quiz, translation activity and catchphrase activity. Also included are further activities: snakes and ladders (spea...