Introducing secondary students to new historical periods

Overview presentations, lesson ideas and activities to help introduce new historical periods to secondary students

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Old-fashioned Lettering Of History As Part Of Introducing KS3, KS4 & Post-16 Students To New Historical Periods

Provide background to new topics with these overview presentations, lesson ideas and activities

Introducing a new historical era to your class is always a challenge. From the outset, it is important to find a succinct way to contextualise the period of history, looking at what came before and after, as well as broadly explaining the social, political and economic events that altered the way people thought and acted at that time.

We’ve gathered a selection of introductory resources that will give your class the starting points they need to delve further into a new historical period.

KS3 resources

Kick-off teaching the rollercoaster events of Tudor England with this presentation and card-sorting activity, designed to showcase the key characters of the era and how their lifestyles differ from our own. For studies of the Empire and slavery, use this introductory lesson to find out what the British Empire was and why it was important to Britain.

This presentation is ideal as a concise overview of the Industrial Revolution, offering students a summary of the key changes between 1750 and 1900. Or, encourage inquisitive minds with this source-based analysis lesson to understand why pupils of the 21st century should bother studying the First World War.


Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ON THIS RESOURCE - ESPECIALLY IF YOU DOWNLOAD IT. This is a lesson that I used to introduce the Industrial Revolution. It is a very general lesson to get the students used to the idea that 1750 and 1900 looked and felt very different, hence the diary entry activity. This ...
Why should we bother studying WWI?

Why should we bother studying WWI?

A simple stand-alone lesson that asks students to consider the lasting impact of WWI and some of the reasons behind studying the conflict. Works really well as either an introduction to WWI or as a route into studying the impacts of the conflict in more detail. The ideas covered include: \- R...

KS4 and post-16 resources

Prepare your class for an epic journey through 5,000 years of medical history using this overview presentation, which neatly summarises change and continuity for each period. Alternatively, offer your class insight into the context of the Vietnam War and the reasons why the US got involved using this comprehensive booklet, packed full of short activities.

Make use of this introductory lesson, which provides older learners with a clear explanation of European fascism. Why not try something completely different to capture the attention of your A-level class by using a speed-dating activity to introduce them to the key individuals of the Russian Revolution?


An introduction to fascism for KS5 students
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An introduction to fascism for KS5 students

**An introduction to fascism for KS5 students**. A full set of lessons focusing on Fascism. A great lesson for all KS5 students (may be more suitable for HL KS4 students too) but here is being used as part of my Authoritarian states topic - I have other resources connected. Suitable for both Briti...