January newsletter highlights

Freya Smith

January Newsletter Highlights

Our favourite picks from January's newsletters

In this month’s newsletters, we singled out our favourite back-to-school resources, as well as a selection of complete units of work, to facilitate your return to the classroom in 2016.

For early years students we loved this treasure hunt, which you can use to reacquaint young learners with items around the classroom. These cross-curricular topic webs will help you prepare classic EY units, including ourselves and under the sea. At primary level, these icebreaker activities (£5) will start off the term energetically, while these detailed literacy medium term plans cover all primary levels.

Top picks from the secondary newsletters include a welcome back pack, containing icebreakers and reminders of class rules. Liven up your English lessons with this superhero-themed unit, which includes a variety of writing activities, such as short stories and biographies. If you’re a maths teacher, why not try this engaging murder mystery activity, which will help to consolidate KS3 students’ understanding of 2D shapes, angles, co-ordinates. This series of treasure hunts can be used across a number of post-16 maths lessons to revise key AS-level skills. Encourage pupils to work together and investigate, with this space-themed project, which looks at different methods of space exploration. Finally, use this healthy eating SoW with your KS3 biology class to cover topics such as digestion and balanced diets.

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