Motivating MFL students to revise

Sian Evans
04th April 2017
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Help learners to study independently by circulating these supportive resources in French, Spanish and German

It's only when pupils take revision into their own hands that they can truly focus on those areas with which they struggle. But even though they are leading the way, you can still play an important role in guiding them towards the tricky vocabulary and grammar points that regularly cause problems.

We’ve hand-picked these revision activities, perfect for independent learning both in the classroom or at home, to help to make sure you give your students the support they need.

French resources

Make sure fears about using the wrong tense are a thing of the past with this detailed workbook, packed full of informative summaries and challenging exercises. Equally, this collection of grammar activities* is ideal for learners looking to check their understanding and identify issues independently.

Meanwhile, older students will no doubt be grateful for this comprehensive booklet, which offers essential vocabulary, key information and thought-provoking questions on a range of topics.

Spanish resources

Encourage GCSE students to recap the basics and avoid throwing away easy marks by working through this activity pack. Alternatively, support learners’ vocabulary revision with these colourful sheets*, covering topics such as time, numbers and shopping.

Or, help pupils brush up on their use of the imperfect subjunctive in both their oral and written work by sharing this booklet with accompanying revision mats*.

German resources

Designed to help pupils practice the perfect, present and future tenses, the activities in this revision booklet are perfect for building confidence and improving accuracy. In addition, these vocabulary workbooks, containing lists of keywords for foundation and higher papers, provide a structured way for students to test themselves and learn from any errors.

Finally, equip AS-level learners with the tools they need to ace their oral exam by handing out this preparation booklet*, in which they can organise information and create mind maps related to a range of possible topic areas.

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