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06th January 2020
Person jumping to reach their new years resoloution goal

Games, worksheets and whole lessons to celebrate the New Year with your EAL students

With a new year comes a new term and what a better way for your students to hone their language skills and set goals for the upcoming year. So, to do just that we have drawn together a selection of EAL and ESL worksheets you could use in the classroom.

New Year resolutions

Motivate your class to talk about their New Year resolutions with these worksheets and activity packs.

New Year's Resolutions 2018

Fourteen slides with activities to get students thinking about New Year's resolutions. This is an updated version of one I uploaded in 2015.
By andorian

♥ESL♥ NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS » Mini Units for ESL Students



Students will learn plenty of new vocabulary words through engaging and challenging activities. They will work individually, in pairs or in small groups to include variety in lesson dynamics.

This mini units opens with a class discussion about New Year and related traditions. Before getting to read the texts, students can work in pairs to match words with pictures and to match words with definitions. They can, then, get engaged in the reading of the article about the history of new year resolutions by filling the blanks. The second speaking activity should be done in pairs. Students will interview each other about their resolutions and will then summarize their findings in writing. This piece of writing can be either produced in class or given as a homework assignment. With the second reading activity students will learn about new year traditions in 5 different countries. They will do so through 3 engaging activities: match countries with their flags, match countries with their tradition and a crossword.


◘ Speaking activity 1
◘ Reading Comprehension 1 (The history of New Year Resolutions)
- Activity A. Match words with pictures
- Activity B. Match words with definitions
- Activity C. Fill the blanks
◘ Speaking activity 1
◘ Writing
◘ Reading Comprehension 2 (New year traditions in 5 countries)
- Activity A. Match countries with their flags
- Activity B. Match countries with their new year tradition
- Activity C. Crossword


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By nana82

New Year's Resolutions-esl beginner

This is an esl activity I do every year with my esl beginners and my students love it.

The lesson includes one running dictation activity and one simplified jigsaw, so students will be active all the time and work with their partners. They will listen, speak, read and write about Mike's new year's resolutions for three years from 2013 to 2015 together and get a whole picture of Mike's life. They can also practice writing new year's resolutions for themselves in English.

Hope you and your students like it too:)
By monicazesl

New Year Resolution and goal sheet

A sheet to use for new year resolutions and wishes for self and the wider community, also to set a goal for the coming term. Allows discussion of difference between wishes and resolutions, as well as goal setting to encourage taking responsibility for learning.

By Ann50

Language skills practice

Help learners improve their speaking, writing and reading skills with prompt cards, activities, games and comprehension worksheets.

New Year speaking cards

5 pages of cards for conversation
By Olynj

New Year Games

This PPT contains two games on New Year's Eve:
- Vocabulary Game
- Memory Game
In the Vocabulary Game pupils have to look at the pictures and choose the correct word.
In the Memory Game they have to find the matching pairs.
The games can be played individually, in pairs or in small groups.
Happy New Year!
By evaszucs

My Christmas and New Year EAL worksheet

A reading activity for the start of term after the Christmas holidays. Students need to complete the text using past simple, answer true/false questions, make negative sentences and write about their own holidays
By martuska

Unique New Year's Eve Traditions - Reading Comprehension Worksheet / Text

This Reading Comprehension worksheet is suitable for higher elementary to proficient ESL learners or native English speakers. The text describes seven unique New Year's Eve traditions around the globe.

After carefully reading the text, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including comprehension questions, True or False exercises and a word search exercise. The text can be used for vocabulary building purposes. This handout can be completed in class or assigned for homework. This reading comprehension worksheet can ideally be shortly before Christmas.
By MariaPht

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