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Nicola Davison
23rd March 2017
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Take the stress out of revising for the Naplan tests with these specially tailored literacy and numeracy resources

Ensuring that your pupils are ready for Naplan is no mean feat. Unlike traditional end-of-term tests, the aim of Naplan is to assess skills that have been continuously developed throughout the year. As such, it can be harder to get your head around what classifies as good preparation.

Thankfully, the Tes community have made it easy for you. They’ve been hard at work producing top-quality resources to not only make planning for revision easier, but also to ensure that learners remain engaged and on track right up until the last minute. But don’t take our word for it! Why not have a look and see for yourself?

Year 3 resources

Guided Reading task cards

A set of tasks for non-fiction and fiction texts that can be used to follow up on a guided reading session or help prepare for the next one. I have these laminated in sets in my folders so I can easily set my groups doing different tasks. Topics also included; non-fiction.

By liz_alston2004

Persuasive writing – Introduction shuffle 

This is a card shuffle/sort that children can do to introduce them to the different types of 'hooks' they can use when beginning a persuasive text.  They match each type of hook to it's example, discuss its effectiveness and then come up with their own hooks based on their own topics.
By nturv

The Compete NAPLAN Y3 Money Bundle

All lessons and worksheets, with plenty of practice questions with the overview plan for integrating work with money into a mathematics programme.

From recognising coins to solving word problems using a variety of language structures.

Great resource for differentiated teaching.
By wilkieway

Endless Editable Spelling Games

Editable spelling games, perfect for literacy activities, or phonics/spelling groups.

Type your word list once and let the auto filling magic do its work!

These editable files use a clever formatting trick, where you type your words into PDF form fields and they duplicate throughout the file, creating a spelling game. This is a huge time-saver and allows you to cater for the different spelling abilities in your class!

Download the preview PDF file to see how it works!

This resource is a zipped folder containing:
• 15 game themes in four game formats. See the preview file for an idea of the themes and formats. Teach the four game formats to your class and it will become routine. Your class will be able to play the games with their spelling word lists all year round!
• Games for word lists with 2 spelling patterns/rules
• Games for word lists with 3 spelling patterns/rules
• Games for word lists with 4 spelling patterns/rules
• Games for independent play and playing in pairs.

The spelling games are designed to be printer ink friendly. They use simple, clear designs that work well printed in low colour or in black and white on coloured paper. No heavy, full page graphics here!

The spelling games are designed to be easy prep. There are no fiddly bits to cut out - all word cards are aligned so that they can be sliced with a paper guillotine.

Important: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this file. It can be downloaded for free here.

The formatting is designed for words 7 letters and less. The files have been tested on multiple devices and by multiple users. If you have trouble with the file, please email me directly at and I can offer assistance.
By LittleLeapsofLearning

Year 5 resources

Persuasive Speech

Document to structure speech ideas. Students come up with the main idea and then are able to develop with relevant sub-points.
By Smudge78

Mental Maths - NAPLAN/ SATs revision or lesson starter– PowerPoint Quiz Generator

This revision tool has unlimited questions all modelled on past NAPLAN/ SATs exams, simply hit ‘generate question’ (macros enabled) to get a new set of 20 questions.
This resource can form a lesson starter, revision activity during a lesson or can be used for independent study. It’s been designed to not only give students the best opportunity to revise and improve on the key mental maths skills need for SATs, but also reduce a teacher’s prep time!
While a booklet to record answers (for tracking or focus intervention purposes) has been included; it is easily adaptable to suit you. It also includes space for corrections, self-assessment and teacher comments.
Differentiated with questions generating into 10 easy question, 5 medium and 5 hard. Answers are included. The question slides are timed from 5 seconds to 15 seconds depending on question type. The quiz will take approximately 3 and a half minutes.
Feedback welcome. Click on display name for more great resources!
By engagingresources

Brightpath Narrative Teacher's Ruler

Here's a ruler to help you understand and assess development in students' narrative writing.

Teachers love this poster as it helps them share their success criteria with their students and to differentiate their teaching. Print the poster to A3 colour, cut it out and paste it together and you will have a great resource for your classroom.
By Brightpath

Year 5 Guided Reading Comprehension Activities Booklet! (Aligned with the New Curriculum)

Now with PDF version included! This resource booklet contains a wide range of age-appropriate, engaging, and meaningful comprehension activities for use in guided reading sessions. They are perfect for aiding the progress of children towards meeting the Year 5 expectations within the new National Curriculum framework. Children love learning from these resources, whilst they are also of great use to teachers, as there is explicit information within each task regarding which comprehension strands the task is designed to demonstrate. They are also generic enough to ensure that they are appropriate for use with all texts.

Activities and games within the booklet include:
- Word Tennis - to enable students to demonstrate that they can: 'Discuss their understanding of new words, and explore the meaning of words in context'
- Understanding Literary Heritage Fiction - to enable students to demonstrate that they can: 'Read myths, legends, traditional stories, modern fiction, fiction from our literary heritage, and books from other cultures and traditions."
- Conventions Bingo - to enable students to demonstrate that they can: 'Identify and discuss themes and conventions in writing.'
- Figurative Language - to enable students to demonstrate that they can: 'Discuss and evaluate how authors use language, including figurative language, to create an impact on the reader.'

Plus many more activities (the booklet is around 20 pages in length!)

All images are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on a separate document (included.)
By TandLGuru

Year 7 resources

REBEL SPELL Engaging Spelling Strategies

By sppurdon

Persuasive Writing Diagnostic

This is something I use in my first lesson with students to better understand where they are in terms of their persuasive writing ability. Students are given little prompting when discussing the persuasive techniques, in order to gain a clear understanding. Please leave feedback :)
By Smudge78

Year 6 (Upper KS2) Maths board game (all national curriculum objectives)

A fun and engaging board game themed around my math villain, Dr Doom! The game has math questions from a range of topics such as number, fractions, measurement, geometry, time and many more all taken from the national curriculum. It is an amazing way to revise, practice, assess and motivate learners especially before SATs! It also contains word problem challenge cards with more detailed questions and multi-step problems. The children can take multiple routes to Dr Doom's laboratory meaning they can play it many times over! Instructions are provided which explains how to play the game (it's very simple). A more eco-friendly black and white version is also available.

Please rate and feedback. Other primary resources are available in my shop which is linked below.
Happy learning!
By d_roberts1

Introduction to Question-Answer Relationship for STUDENTS – Reading Strategy (any text any subject!)

Time poor but want to make sure you provide higher order comprehension question for texts studied in your lesson? This reading strategy is for you! QAR can be used for any text type in any subject for all year levels.

The resource includes:
- 2 PowerPoint introduction lessons (one for upper primary -middle and the other for senior)
- Practice activity
- Poster 1 highlights the 4 levels of comprehension questions and where the student will find the answer.
- Poster 2 and 3 highlight and prompt student as to where to locate answers to comprehension questions and develop these skills so they can apply them in other settings.
- Poster 4 highlights the types of questions for each level and how to answer the questions from each level.

The PowerPoint is to introduce the concepts of QAR to students and the posters are designed to be general so that they can be used with any text studied in any subject. The idea is that you have a ‘go to’ set of engaging and differentiated questions and comprehension prompts, saving you valuable prep time and incorporating high quality learning activities every time!

This resource has been thoroughly designed so no extra prep or specialised ability is needed! It can be used to incorporate literacy skills into your lesson or used in literacy intervention lessons.

This lesson should be accessible to Year 4-12/ KS2 and KS3 students.

QAR allows you to create differentiated comprehension activities and provide a challenge for more able students.

QAR induction professional development for staff can be found here

Please rate if you enjoyed!

Click on my display name to see my other excellent resources.
By engagingresources

Year 9 resources

'Class win or fail' revision game. Suitable for everything!!


This is a creative and engaging game.

There are 15 timed questions - they are all linked to the main slide.

The purpose - if the class get 12 or more correct, they win the reward. If they get less than 12, they get the punishment!

Be careful - each questions has a countdown timer!

This is adaptable to any subject, for any age by simply over-typing the questions.

This is the easiest and most engaging way to have a revision quiz!!


Copyright M Willetts
By Boosteration

Creative Writing Activity

Students are provided with 4 stimuli to respond to creatively about the concept of belonging.


I am a TES endorsed author - "Author on TES: English expert, Resourcesyouwant":
By Resources You Want

Persuasive writing.

I used this resource as practise for NAPLAN. Some prior teaching was required.
By daniellesmall88

NAPLAN: Year 9 Interactive Notebook for Spelling & Vocabulary

Here is a great resource for developing English spelling and vocabulary skills in Year 9 students. It includes a set of 15 spelling and vocabulary exercises out of which, the last one adds a creative flair to writing. The words are carefully chosen based on ACARA-NAPLAN requirements and students need to write and practise those words. They are also required to write the meanings of four words in each of the exercises and use them in their own sentences.

This resource can be used in many different ways based on student needs and the time available:

1. as a regular feature of classwork or
2. as a part of weekly homework or
3. as a study circle activity or
4. as a sub lesson when you are away from work.

This resource can also be printed as a booklet at the start of the term/semester and treated as on-going work which can be assessed at the end of the term through a spelling test/dictation.
By MyResourcesGalore

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