Preparing students for Naplan

Support students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 as they prepare for the upcoming Naplan tests with these handpicked literacy and numeracy resources

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Take the stress out of revising for the Naplan tests with these specially tailored literacy and numeracy resources

Ensuring that your pupils are ready for Naplan is no mean feat. Unlike traditional end-of-term tests, the aim of Naplan is to assess skills that have been continuously developed throughout the year. As such, it can be harder to get your head around what classifies as good preparation.

Thankfully, the Tes community have made it easy for you. They’ve been hard at work producing top-quality resources to not only make planning for revision easier, but also to ensure that learners remain engaged and on track right up until the last minute. But don’t take our word for it! Why not have a look and see for yourself?

Year 3 resources

Year 5 resources

Year 7 resources

Year 9 resources

'Class win or fail' revision game. Suitable for everything!!

'Class win or fail' revision game. Suitable for everything!!

Hi, This is a creative and engaging game. There are 15 timed questions - they are all linked to the main slide. The purpose - if the class get 12 or more correct, they win the reward. If they get less than 12, they get the punishment! Be careful - each questions has a countdown t...
Creative Writing Activity
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Creative Writing Activity

Students are provided with 4 stimuli to respond to creatively about the concept of belonging. CHECK OUT MY STORE FOR OTHER RESOURCES, INCLUDING BUNDLED SAVINGS!! CHECK OUT THE TES AUTHOR'S BLOG ARTICLE I FEATURED IN: I am a ...
NAPLAN: Year 9 Interactive Notebook for Spelling & Vocabulary

NAPLAN: Year 9 Interactive Notebook for Spelling & Vocabulary

Here is a great resource for developing English spelling and vocabulary skills in Year 9 students. It includes a set of 15 spelling and vocabulary exercises out of which, the last one adds a creative flair to writing. The words are carefully chosen based on ACARA-NAPLAN requirements and students nee...