Primary teachers, the Cosmic Classroom is live!

Join the Cosmic Classroom and talk to an astronaut in space

Heather Imrie

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British ESA astronaut Tim Peake is blasting into space to go to the International Space Station on Tuesday 15 December, and TES is over the moon to be able to bring you the chance for your school to interact with Tim in space!

In early 2016, we will be simultaneously linking up schools across the UK with Tim Peake live on the ISS as part of our Cosmic Classroom. Right now, we're asking you to register your interest and you can visit for more information about the mission and Tim himself.

We need your ideas!

Part of the Cosmic Classroom live link-up will be interactive and we want you (and your pupils!) to get involved and submit your ideas for things that Tim could do or show in space.

This segment of the live session will help pupils to understand how everyday tasks, and life as they know it, changes in space - things like brushing your teeth or drinking a cup of tea!

So get your pupils thinking over the Christmas holidays about ideas and any questions they might have for Tim about life in space. Register your interest and we’ll be in touch in the new year to collect your galactic ponderings, but if you’re super keen you can share your thoughts using #CosmicClassroom or you can email us with your suggestions.

Teaching space at primary

There are a wealth of curriculum links that can be made to the Cosmic Classroom and Tim's trip to the ISS. To get you started, we’ve selected some of our favourite space-related resources for primary classes.

This introduction to space is a perfect way to acquaint young learners with the solar system, while this resource pack contains everything you need to begin an investigation into space, including creative tasks and storytelling. Save time preparing a unit of work on the solar system with this bumper 6 week cross-curricular plan, including literacy and numeracy activities.

Aimed at KS2 learners, this detailed assembly script is packed with rhymes and stories to make the solar system more accessible.

For all your scientific teaching needs, why not take a look at our detailed resource pack for primary science, catering specifically to recent curriculum changes with suggested teaching materials listed objective by objective.

What next?

Once you've registered your interest, we'll keep you posted on the next steps and latest updates. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email in the meantime.

Watch this space for more blog posts (secondary teachers, this post's for you) and related resources in the new year.

For the timings and outline of the live event, check out this blog post.