Primary transition

Helen Beevers
17th June 2019

Supportive transition resources to prepare your pupils for their next year

As the school year comes to an end, students and teachers alike are starting to think about the changes the next year will bring and moving on to the next phase in their education. Prepare your new pupils for the next academic year with this collection of transition activities, booklets and lesson resources.

Transition booklets and lessons

50 ideas for meeting your new class

Collated from various threads on the TES forums, this booklet gives 50 suggestions for activities to do when meeting your new class either on a transition day, or for the first day of term.
By tafkam

Transition/ Back to school activities

A number of resources that can be used for class transition days or for the start of a new school year.

Activities include:
Three quizzes that children can complete in teams
Setting targets and getting to know children activity sheet
Classroom flag templates where children can design a class flag
Rules activity where children decide from rules which are important or unimportant to then create a set of class rules from
Getting to know everyone - Ice breaker activity where children have to find others that may have done a particular thing
Questions and ideas - What they are looking forward to, any concerns and any questions they may have
By krisgreg30

Transition Lapbook Template pack

Transition to another school or class – My idea for this is that this can be built with a child, combining lessons and creativity and craft. Each component can be a lesson or part of a lesson. It is something for the child to take away at the end of your sessions. You could easily fill 4 to 6 lessons with what is in this lapbook. There are two versions, one in black and white so the child can colour the lettering etc and one in colour where they can just cut and stick. There are two alternative back covers which you can choose to add to the lapbook. One is a game about ‘Changes’ and the other is a weekly feelings diary. Of course you could add one of those to the back cover and just use the other separately.
This resource could be a fantastic end of term project for a Year 6 teacher. The children will love all the little pockets and will be making something to be proud of.
Included in the transition lapbook is:

Name – child writes their name in a colourful way – they could write in bubble writing or decorate it anyway they wish.
Picture– either take a photo of the child to stick here or ask them to draw themselves.
Front cover title – Moving on
My new school or new class worries – What sort of things are they worried about? Use the little monster writing sheets for children to write down their worries to put in the little pocket. Discuss these at each session and help to reassure the child about the changes that will happen when they move class or school.
Questions about my new school or class – This is a perfect opportunity to answer all those questions about the new school or class.
My autograph and message book – Let them collect autographs and messages from friends to take on with them to the next school or class.
My goals and targets – This is a little layered book. The child has to come up with a target for the rest of the term, a target for the summer holidays and a target for the new school or class.
All about me tag book – Lots of questions to answer in this little tag book.
Treasure chest – Includes concertina books with some prompts but also includes a blank so you can ask different questions. The treasure box could contain anything that the child wants to keep safe. They could pop some little photos in there too.
A letter to my future self – What do they hope for in the future? How can they see themselves when they are in the next class or in their new school. What will they be doing? What will they have achieved? Will they have new friends? A letter could also be written telling their future self of what they are doing now, any of their concerns or worries etc.
Friends – The child can write their friend’s name and finish the image to look like their friend. All their friends can fit into the little pocket.
Changes game (back cover)
Feelings diary (alternative back cover)
By Elsasupport

Transition / Start of the School Year / Back to School Activities

Get your new class to learn about each other with these start of school year / back to school activities.
* Getting to know you grid: This is great if you have a class who don’t really know each other very well. Students need to move around asking others if they fulfil one of these things.
* Getting to know you game: This can be played in pairs or threes. Roll a dice, move that number of spaces and simply give the information that has been asked for.
* We are all a piece of this class: This can be an individual activity where the student writes and draws about themselves. They need to think about presentation so that this can then be displayed in the classroom.
* What would your shield say about you?: This can be an individual activity where the student writes and draws about themselves. They need to think about presentation so that this too can then be displayed in the classroom.

By Littlesherbetlemon

Transition Booklet ( SEN, Autism)

Transition Booklet for KS1/ KS2 - end of year, new class, social story.
Pages 1 - 6 Booklet Cover page (Year 1 - 6)
Page 7 About Me page (name, age, space for a photo, likes/dislikes)
Page 8 Introduction to transition
Page 9 New teacher’s name and space for a photo/ drawing
Page 10 A note from new teacher (to be completed by the teacher)
Pages 11 - 13 Introducing the staff (space for photos and notes to be completed by the Year Group staff)
Page 14 For photos/ drawings of a new classroom
Page 15 New Classroom scavenger hunt activity
Pages 16 - 18 For photos/ drawings of the areas in the new year group (playground, toilets, lunch trolley, etc.)
Page 19 Things that will stay the same in the new year group (to be completed with the pupil)
Page 20 Things that will be different in the new year group (to be completed with the pupil)
Page 21 Blank page
Page 22 Closing page
Page 23 Credits page

For most pupils, transition to a new Year group is an exciting time. For some, however, it can be worrying and unsettling. This booklet is created to be used in KS1 and KS2. Teachers and teaching assistants work on completing the booklet together with their pupils, once completed - the book can be used as a Transition Social Story.
The document is in .pdf format and not editable. 23 pages included.

By hoppytimes

Secondary School Transition Booklet

This is a resource we use to prepare KS2 year 6 children for school transition. We work through the booklet with the children on a 1:1 basis but this can be a self driven document.
By Danny Barthorpe

Art & Design Transition Activity

2 tasks which could be used for Year 6-7 transition.

The tasks include:
Aim High Hot Air Balloon (only paper/card and drawing materials required).
Pin Wheel (craft straw, split pin and card required)

The tasks are basic to follow include differentiation through bronze/silver/gold questioning and success criteria.

By Hannah_Emi

Transition booklet and social story SEN

Download includes three documents.

1. Transition booklet: designed to be conducted with the student with support. It introduces the student, who their teachers will be and what will be the same and different in the upcoming year. (spaces to insert pictures or for the child to draw themselves and their new teacher)
I'd suggest that they are done in school to gain context but be taken home to support students over the holidays.
2. Same and different pictures: a page of pictures which students can sort into same and different for the upcoming year. Would be great as a class circle time to explain to the students and for them to ask questions to ease anxiety. They can also be used as a cut and stick exercise for page three of the transition booklet. (e.g. friends, classroom, teacher, lunch time, play time, learning, playground etc)
3. Back to school social story: A social story to ease the transition from the holidays to school in September.
By zvlovegrove

All about me resources

All About Me poster - Class Transition

An activity for children to introduce themselves to new class teachers. Can edit to suit your own class.
By Liese131

Transition shield template

An editable quarterly shield template which I'm using for transition with my class this year.

The shield's split into four sections:
- My family
- I really like...
- I'm great at...
- I'd like to improve...
The banner space at the top is for the child's name!

There's both an editable .docx file and a .pdf file.
By tim_caird


A Complete ART lesson, which includes a detailed PPT, resources and planning.

The lesson is designed to help you get to know your class, whilst creating a fantastic display for the wall (ideal for the start of the year) Great for transition day too!

Based around the work of artist Lichtenstein, the children will produce a portrait for display.
Ideal for KS2/3

Please leave feedback.
By Raphella

Transition KS1

Here is a simple booklet I have designed for my new Year 2 class. I have simply printed the pages and made them double sided.
By cwilson1608

All About Me transition booklet - EYFS & Key Stage 1

A 20 page booklet for EYFS or KS1 on the theme of ‘All About Me.’ It is perfect for using in the transition process into years 1 or 2, either before children move to their new class, to send home over the summer holidays or to use with your new class.
Children have the opportunity to draw and write about their interests, home, friends and school life throughout the booklet.

PDF file format and editable Microsoft Word format.

If you are looking for a booklet for transition into years 3 or 4 we have created this one:

By Blossoming Minds

This is me! (Transition days Foundation stage, KS1, KS2 and KS3 placemat)

Use our ‘this is me’ placemat for pupils making the transition between:

  • Foundation to KS1
  • KS1 to KS2
  • KS2 to KS3

This is an effective resource to collect information around each pupil to promote discussion. This document is ideal to DP, FSM, LAC, EAL and SEND pupils.

In a secondary setting this would be an excellent first form tutor session and can easily be turned into a classroom display.

Save the workload and download this adaptable placemat!

By iTeach PD

All About me Bag template ideal for transition, new class or starting school

Get to know your new class with this lovely activity, just buy a pack of paper bags and use the template to create these All About Me bags as pictured. The children need to bring them back with 3 items inside that tell you more about them. I used mine on moving up day this year and made my own to introduce myself to the class. They then fill in the back piece in class and stick on the bits to make their own bag. This is then taken home to be filled with items and returned in September ready for show and tell! File includes pieces to stick on the bag including the poem/all about me sheet and bag parts and also a letter to parents explaining what its all about :) Fully editable.

By littlemisstechnical

All about me transition pack for Nursery/ Reception introduction/ first school day

All about me transition pack for Nursery/ Reception introduction/ first school day
A 9 page ‘All about me’ pack to help transition from one setting to another. You can either use the PowerPoint document and insert your own logo or the PDF. It is suitable for Nursery/ Reception children starting school.
By fb1983

Setting expectations resources

A4 colour behaviour expectations for 6-11yrs

Examples of some classroom expectations describing behaviours for a safe respectful, learning environment. Attached also a 1 page guide for positioning and using behaviour visuals in a classroom. Uses the stem phrase: In this classroom we eg. keep trying when it's hard.
By Alexandra-MacKenzie

Classroom Rights, Responsibilities and Rules

Set of three posters from my classroom. The first chart lists five rights children have as students. The second chart lists the relevant responsibilities these create. The third chart lists ten class rules that will help safeguard students' rights and guide their responsibilities.
By Tim Tuck

How to get rewards in my room

It occured to me that children in my class are told by my already existing posters that they will get rewards for following the rules and good behaviour, but for some kids, I think they need to know exactly what 'good&' looks like beyond the obvious not shoving and not being mean sort of things... Anyway... thought it might be of interest to someone.
By mrsbradley

Expectations Lesson

A generic team rules lesson that helps teachers to extablish their class rules. Good starting point with new classes.
By Miss R

Transition : Rules for the classroom

A perfect transition resource (PPT). Familiarise the pupils with the rules for the classroom based around the word Learn.

By TeachElite

Superhero Classroom Rules FREE

This eye-catching and colourful display resource is useful for both classrooms and other school display areas.

Use at the beginning of term as you introduce classroom rules or display in collaborative areas outside the classroom, as a reminder to all students.

Engage students with the quote: Superheroes always choose the right!!


• Cover/TOU/Credits
• Classroom Rules x 10



All Free Resources

By TeachersToolkit

Book Expectations

Expectations for book layouts and presentations.

By Rebeccah89

Class rules / expectations. Fully editable.

A fully editable set of 12 A4 classroom rules suitable for any classroom. I designed these for older year groups as others that I could find seemed too 'babyish'.

Title banner included which is also editable.It prints across two A3 pages.

Print out and laminate and they will last for years.

(Microsoft publisher file and pdf included)
By MrsCupcakesResources

Reflection resources

My Memories Poster: KS1 transition activity

This might be used as an end of year activity or a transition day activity with a new group of children. Children could colour or draw on the outline images.
By mytmot

End Of Year | Memories | Memory Book | Tabbed Memory Book | Project

This End of Year Tabbed Memory Book is a fun way for your students to reflect on their year in your classroom. Hopefully it will be a little treasure for your students (and parents) to look back on in future years!

I have included a fun extra visual element by adding tabs to the front of each of the pages.

The completed book will have a front and back to each page, so this involves some basic cutting and glueing to achieve the finished look. Detailed instructions for assembly are included.

There are two options for printing - the second: for those who wish to save on ink.

Please look at the preview image to see what students will be writing about! The pages of the memory book are numbered to avoid any confusion of the page order!

Topics Covered:

★All About Me
★Favorite Play
★Favorite Things
★Most Favorite Thing
★My Teacher
★My Teacher’s Portrait
★Best Awards
★Most Favorite Category
★Shining Moments
★Best Shining Moment
★Next Year’s Goals
★Most Important Goal
★Look into the Future
★Who/What I Will Miss


• Cover/TOU/Credits
• Teacher Notes
• Contents
• Memory Book
• Ink Saving Memory Book




End of Year Class Awards

End Of Year: End Of Year Fun Activities

{Freebie} End of Year Games

By TeachersToolkit

End Of Year Folded Heart Reflections

End Of Year Folded Heart Reflections: A fun writing opportunity for children to reflect on their school year. A great transition day or back to school activity. Includes full assembly instructions.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
By Helen Rachel Crossley

My End of Term minibook

A printable minibook based on the classic A3 folded sheet of paper! A different way of getting the children to record their reflections on the year.I have included a book for each year group from Y1 - 6 in both an editable publisher format and a pdf. The font used is DK Crayon crumble which is downloadable for free. Enlarge the A4 sheet to A3 before use. Fold along the dotted lines and cut along the bold one in the middle. When folded up the pages should all be the right way round!
By renosparks

End of Year Memory Work Book. Transition - Year 1 *PLUS free Certificate templates*

A workbook for children to complete at the end of term. (YEAR 1 - other year groups available.)
EDITABLE PDF - school name and year can be edited on front cover so can be used year after year.
SmartNotebook with each page on for demo
BONUS: Free end of year certificates included

Allows children to celebrate the things they have achieved during the past year and is a nice keep sake to send home. Also includes some goals for next year.

Keep your class busy during the last few days of term and give them something meaningful to take home. This workbook is a black and white template which is easy to print and photocopy as a booklet. Children can complete and take home. Includes activities such as a self portrait, adding numbers to a clock face, drawing around hands, mixed up sentences to rearrange and questions which prompt children to reflect upon their time in year 1 and what they hope for year 2.


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By TeachersArchive

End of the School Year Reflections Task Cards

The school year is coming to an end! Use these task cards as writing prompts to reflect on your school year. Includes a Response Sheet for recording your answers as well!
By Cyndi Kinney

Year 6 Leavers Memory Work Book. End of Year Transition *PLUS Free Certificate Templates*

A leavers workbook for children to complete at the end of term. (YEAR 6 - other year groups available.)
EDITABLE PDF - school name and year can be edited on front cover so can be used year after year.
SmartNotebook with each page on for demo
BONUS: Free end of year certificates included

Keep your class busy during the last few days of term and give them something meaningful to take home. This workbook is a black and white template which is easy to print and photocopy as a booklet. Has space for drawing, writing and photographs. Asks for memories of primary school and plans for the future.
Offers a lovely opportunity for children to reminisce over their time at Primary school and take home a personal keepsake.
Activities on each page. Includes a self portrait, questions about what they have learnt and achieved in year 2. Information to fill in about teachers and friends plus a word search and code breaker puzzle.

**TIP - print as you would test papers using the booklet function on your photocopier **


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By TeachersArchive

Year 6 Transition - Leavers Project - Leaver's Memory Bags.

This is a Year 6 activity to keep them busy in those moments when you need something to fill a gap, allow some children to rehearse or use as a homework project.

I buy the paper bags with handles on and give the children one each and I reduce the sheets to A5 on white card.

For this project, children will be reflecting on their school year.
First, they decorate the title page for the project. Cut it out and glue it to the front panel of the paper bag.
Next, they complete the 17 cards to include in the project.
Decorate the cards, cut out, and add to the bag.
The magic happens inside the bag... they are encouraged to place 8 different objects inside the bag that symbolise or remind them of something great this year.
For example, they may put a copy of the best book they read in the bag. For each object they include in their bag, they complete a small card that explains why they chose that object to represent their year.
They then have time at the end of the project to present the content of their bag to the class.

My class really enjoy the challenge and I usually add extra treats to the bags on the last day of term.
By NMcShane2112

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