Supportive parents' evening resources

Helen Beevers and Lauren Tong
07th June 2019

Templates, reports and powerpoints to help with parents' evening

Parents' evenings are a fundamental part of learning reflection. They are a good way to engage with parents about the development of their child's learning and plan their next steps to progress further. Here, we have gathered together a collection of resources from the Tes community to support you in your preparation for parents' evening.

Parents Evening form

A form I created last year for Parents Evening. Each child had one and I wrote in levels and any other notes I wanted to mention. It meant I had something in front of me for each child and could write anything down the parents wanted me to follow up. Printed 2 per sheet so the form was A5

By nm97yd

Interim Reports for Parents evenings

I developed this to give parents information about how their child is progressing through the year. It is an interim report that I give out termly. The first sheet is a class data sheet, where you can copy and past all class data for the reported term. The second sheet is the actual report, several fields will automatically be filled in based on the class data sheet, thus saving a lot of time.
By craigprestidge

Parents evenings discussion form

Teacher discussion sheet for parents evings (may be more relevant for secondary schools). a space for each pupil and 1 to 5 grading can be used to save space.
By mrvman

Powerpoint for parents' evening EYFS

Powerpoint to explain to parents why play is important in the Early Years and how it develops different skills. After each slide I added lots of photos of the children sometimes putting 3 or 4 photos on a slide to illustrate a point. I have taken them off this PP for obvious reasons. Sometimes I use the PP for my talk at other times I have done my chat and put the PP on a loop so that it goes round continually and parents look at it while they go around the classroom.
By byjingo

Revision advice leaflet for Year 11 parents' evening

This revision advice leaflet was designed by Steve Collett in my maths team. We gave a colour copy to every parent at our recent Year 11 Parents' Evening and they were really well received. They certainly helped create a felling of "we're all in this together".
By charliedawson

Parents Meeting Summary Sheet

This sheet can help to organise the information you need at your finger tip for a meeting with parents either during parents evening or as an isolated incident.
By WillsonEducation

Parent Teacher Conference Questionnaire Template

Check out this simple, yet effective pre-conference questionnaire that can be used before or during a conference. This can be used to make the conference meaningful and/or to keep the conversation on topic. If sent home before, it can be a strong tool in structuring the conference itself. The questions make the parent/guardian think though strengths, weaknesses, interests, and conversation topics that they want to cover. This has the potential of increasing investment as well as serving as a great communication tool doubling as documentation.
By Hashtag_Teached

Parents' Evening Proforma

A proforma to use/adapt to be ready for Parents' Evening and keep as a handy record of what was said.
By eckweek22

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