TES Maths: Creative Christmas lessons

Craig Barton
05th December 2016
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Games, puzzles and fun activities with a festive twist to keep your classes learning in the run-up to Christmas

While the end is finally in sight, there are still a few weeks of valuable lesson time left that no teacher wants to waste. So, to help you combine productive learning with some festive fun, here is a selection of resources which are ideal for keeping your classes engaged and entertained in the last few weeks of term.

This festive edition is only possible with the work of the generous and talented members of the TES Maths community who have taken the time to share these Christmas-themed gems.

Merry Christmas!

Craig Barton, TES Maths Adviser

Investigation activities

  • Who killed Santa? investigation
    Set pupils this festive problem-solving task, covering a range of topics, to keep those brain cells ticking in the last lesson of term.
  • Murder mystery worksheet 
    Inspire future detectives to call upon all of their mathematical skills in order to find out the when, where and why and solve the crime.

Construction challenges

  • Create a snowflake activity 
    Embrace the festive season and decorate the classroom while simultaneously teaching learners basic construction skills and reflective symmetry.
  • Christmas Tarsia
    Motivate learners to practise mental arithmetic in a more engaging way with this jigsaw, which also contains seasonal references.

Games and puzzles

  • GCSE Christmas puzzles
    Reward your hardworking KS4 classes with this comprehensive collection of puzzles, problem-solving challenges and entertaining activities.
  • Christmas pirate game and adaptation
    Here are two different approaches to a pirate-themed festive game, which are perfect for tackling strategic thinking and mental arithmetic in a fun way.
  • Bumper activities booklet 
    Ideal for learners of all ages and abilities, this collection is full of innovative Christmas-themed challenges that will get learners thinking.
  • Festive relay races
    Encourage your students' competitive spirit and group work with this active approach to engaging the class with number puzzles.

Festive revision ideas

  • BODMAS stocking challenge
    Help students revise order of operations in a more exciting way by uncovering the presents left by Santa in this code-breaker activity.
  • Shading graphical inequalities worksheets
    Challenge your class to use their knowledge of linear inequalities to uncover different festive shapes as a way to recap this difficult topic.

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