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Craig Barton
04th July 2016
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Ten top resources from prolific maths author, Pixi_17

For the last TES Maths collection of this academic year, I have chosen to feature another of my all-time favourite authors, Pixi_17

If you have ever used any of Pixi_17's resources, you will know that not only does each lesson pack come with a top quality PowerPoint presentation featuring examples, notes and illustrations, but also fully differentiated worksheets, activities and rich challenges. And if you are not familiar with her work, then you are in for a treat.

Every single one of the objectives for the new GCSE maths specification is covered by one of her lessons, making them an ideal starting point when planning for this challenging qualification. As such, I've picked out 10 top resources in order to whet your appetite. 

I really hope you find them as useful as I have over the last few years and a massive thanks to Pixi_17, and all like her, who share their resources for the benefit of maths teachers up and down the country.

Craig Barton, TES Maths adviser


Function machines
Ideal for supporting pupils as they start to solve linear equations, this visually-stimulating lesson personifies function machines in order to explain how they work.

Describing transformations
Encourage learners to get to grips with all four types of transformation using this resource pack, containing clear, visual explanations of each.

Money calculations
Prepare students to pick out the key information from, and answer, worded questions about money with this simple lesson.

nth term sequences
Use this lesson pack to consolidate and deepen your learners' understanding of both number and pattern-based sequences.

Completing the square
Explore the relationship between completing the square form and the turning points on quadratic graphs in this well-structured lesson.

Density, mass and volume
Tackle a tricky topic in a engaging way using these resources, which include a game of bingo to help pupils to practise their learning.

Set notation and theory
Take learners on a step-by-step journey with this lesson pack, so that they can confidently use Venn diagrams to solve probability problems.

Cubic equations and graphs
This collection of resources is designed to support students as they begin to grasp the link between cubic graphs and expanding triple brackets.

Exact values of trigonometric ratios
Having covered Pythagoras' theorem and the basics of trigonometry with your class, push their understanding one step further with this challenging lesson. 

GCSE 9-1 revision booklets
Kickstart the revision process with these targeted booklets, complete with questions and answers aligned to the new specification.


A word from the author, Pixi_17:

When I started my teacher training six years ago, there were very few teaching resources available that suited my teaching style. I set out to create a bank of resources that I could improve year-on-year.

I aim to include differentiation through scaffolding, questioning, mini-plenaries and total participation techniques in my lessons. Hopefully this enables teachers to assess for learning throughout the lesson and students to make progress regardless of their starting points.

I stand by the philosophy that if it's not good enough to share, it's not good enough for the classroom. I am passionate about raising standards of teaching and learning and sharing resources is one small step I can take towards reducing the workload of teachers so they can spend more time with students.

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