Tes Maths: Innovative teacher-led revision ideas

Craig Barton
06th March 2018
Image representing secondary maths revision

Consolidate and extend thinking ahead of the exam season with these top lesson ideas

If you haven't already started, it's highly likely you'll be getting down to some serious revision for the upcoming exams in the next few weeks. In anticipation of that, we've brought together a collection of lesson ideas and classroom activities, designed to help you to consolidate understanding and extend thinking through enquiry in a variety of topic areas.

As usual, we've got the generous and talented members of the Tes Maths community to thank for these imaginative ideas. So, take a look and be inspired to try something different with your classes.

Craig Barton, Tes Maths adviser

Multi-topic questions

With so many topics to recap, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. Ensure students’ knowledge of key skills is up to scratch with this selection of engaging questions and problems, which span across a range of vital subject areas.

Multiple Choice Starter Questions

A multiple choice question linked to every objective (I think?!) on the GCSE syllabus. Use them to assess what pupils need teaching, what misconceptions need addressing or what students already know.

** a few slides have been corrected 2/10/17 **
By pbrucemaths

Gcse foundation revision

Could be used for Gcse foundation revision
By kesi06

Problems for Higher GCSE students

A selection of problems from various sources, most of them quite challenging, for use with Higher GCSE students. Some only require Foundation skills (indicated in top right-hand corner of question slide) so they could also be used with Foundation students at a pinch. Each one is over two slides, with the first slide giving hints and the second giving the solution. The hints and solutions are all animated so that they are only revealed a line/paragraph at a time. Could be used in class or uploaded onto a VLE for keen students to use for extra challenge.
By lynneinjapan

GCSE Maths Revision Cross-Number (Grades 9 to 5) - New Spec

Here are three cross-numbers on various GCSE maths topics that I have created. One is a general cross number, one is on Number and Algebra and one is on Shape and Space. They are designed for higher tier students (grades 9 to 5). Answers are included too (on the PDF files)
By Rosiehns

Low-stakes quizzes

Regular low-stakes quizzes are an ideal way of improving students’ knowledge retrieval. From homework exercises to in-class assessments, take some inspiration from these top resource picks.

GCSE 1-9 Higher GCSE Fortnightly skills assessment

Based on the new curriculum I have mapped backwards from Grade 8 topics down to grade 1 and designed these fortnightly skills tests to be done with my classes. These form the basis of all my homework's (linked to mathswatch) and starter activities/revision sessions. I have attached the spreadsheets that produce instant feedback for the pupils to stick into their books/to revise from.
By bucko88

GCSE Maths 9-1 Revision Masters

We used these as homework for Year 11 covering a half term. New topic Masters aim to get higher paper pupils familiar with some of the new topics and new style of questioning on the new GCSE. Higher/Foundation Masters are aimed at all students to become more confident in some of the cross over topics. Foundation Masters aimed at foundation paper pupils to gain more confidence in number work and money problems. I found that it worked best printed on one A4 sheet for students to stick at the back of their books and leave a page for their workings. The tracker is useful for pupils and teachers to track progress. Created for students sitting AQA specification in 2017.
By Michael Craven

Brockington College Maths homework booklets

All of the homework booklets I design for my Maths department, free and in one place.

Obviously cannot post answers here, but happy for people to email me for them - a DM on twitter with your email address is the best way to get them.

Note there are a few images borrowed from different places. Apologies for any infringement and please just let me know and I am happy to credit or change as required.
By Peter Mattock

Quick mark Mathematics GCSE questions

On every GCSE Maths paper there are some questions that are what I call, "Quick mark questions." That is, ones you can do in less than a minute if you know the Maths.

I put this booklet together to help students practice them. It is aimed at those taking the Higher paper although Foundation students may well still find quite a bit of it useful for revision.

I would love to hear your feedback @MrsHsNumeracy
By Maria Howard

“Spot the mistake” exercises

Surely there’s no better way to identify and correct common misconceptions than with a “spot the mistake” activity. Kick-start pupils' revision and ensure that they are on the right track with these innovative lesson ideas.

Clumsy Clive On Solving Equations

Clive has made mistakes on his homework again. There are equations involving brackets, fractions, letters on "both sides" and different mistakers in each. This is to test students' understanding of solving linear equations and is designed to test typical mistakes and encourage discussion about these.
By alutwyche

Standard form - tick, trash or improve

Worksheets based on the Maths4Real videos task or "Tick or Trash", with the added label of "improve" for when students spot something that isn't necessarily wrong but can be improved.

This version deals with standard form.
By DurhamPotter

Expanding Brackets

A selection of resources for expanding single brackets.

Would I Lie To You - choose 3 students to stand at the front and be the 'panel'. Give each one a card and put the question on the board. Get students to read out their 'answer'. Rest of students decide who is telling the truth and who are lying, then discuss the misconceptions.
By MrE_Maths

SOHCAHTOA Spot the error

A consolidation or homework activity for pupils learning basic trigonometry. Pupils must decide whether the solution is correct and if it is not must explain what error has been made and provide a correction.
By Luke Thomas

Engaging revision tasks

Constantly ploughing through past papers can become a little monotonous for pupils. So, why not rejuvenate their revision with this selection of motivational activites? Designed to consolidate understanding, these alternative exercises will give your students a much needed boost.

Numbered Heads GCSE Maths Higher Revision Activity

Numbered Heads GCSE Maths Higher Revision Activity
1 Whiteboard Pack per team
Students are numbered in teams of 2-5 (some students may need to take more than one number)
Show a question for a time period - students can discuss in groups how to solve but may NOT WRITE ANYTHING. Teams must ensure that everyone in their team can answer that question.
Select a number- the person who is this number must answer the question for their team NO ONE ELSE CAN TALK OR WRITE.
Points are given for correct answers and solutions after the time period.
By davidleblancq

Introductory Codebreaker 2

My intention is to use this as a "first lesson back" task to get students talking and recalling maths facts involving number, algebra, geometry and data. The joke is terrible (it's been all over Twitter this week, which is what pushed me to do this) but they all are for this kind of task. My classes enjoy these; hopefully yours will too.
By alutwyche

Maths Relays

A selection of relay races
By MrE_Maths

Beat the clock!! GCSE Higher and Foundation revision (With answers)

24 questions on various GCSE topics with answers on the second page. You can adapt this to the needs of your own class as you wish. Please do the questions yourself before you set a time for your own class to complete them.

The aim is to complete the most answers correctly in a selected time frame (typically 5-15 minutes depending on the ability of your class). Once they are getting consistent full marks, they should aim to beat their time.

By misshbhudia

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