Tes Maths ROTW: Bigger picture CPD guide

Encourage staff to share their different approaches to teaching with the help of this CPD booklet, recommended by Tes Maths

Craig Barton

Tes Maths ROTW: Bigger Picture CPD Guide

Get the most out of your department meetings with this bigger picture CPD guide, from NumberLoving

What is it?

Department meetings are a staple of teaching life, but making sure that they're are an effective use of staff time can be tricky. Thankfully this CPD guide provides a solution.

Working in pairs, staff are encouraged to discuss their approaches to teaching a variety of mathematical topics. Providing a structured way for colleagues of all experiences to share their expertise, this booklet helps to focus department meetings on pedagogy, rather than admin.

How can it be used?

I am a great believer in the power of habit. Making these ten-minute exercises a regular feature of your staff sessions is the best way to ensure that teachers reap the benefits. 

You’ll be fascinated with how many different pedagogical approaches come to light!

Craig Barton was speaking to Victoria Haughton. He is a secondary maths teacher in the north of England