TES Maths ROTW: Core 1 textbook

Craig Barton
16th November 2015

TES Maths Resource of the Week

Resource title: Core 1 textbook

Resource author: Sick Maths

What is it?

A textbook for core 1 produced by a very generous teacher. As well as carefully written notes on all the key core 1 content, there are also exercises complete with answers, links to really clear videos on all the major skills, and inspirational quotes from the likes of Buddha and Steve Jobs.

All in all, this is an essential resource for any student studying for their core 1 exam, or any teacher wanting some extra material to use in lessons. And although it is designed for use with the Edexcel core 1 syllabus, there is plenty of cross-over with AQA and OCR.

How can it be used?

There are a few possibilities here. Firstly, it could simply be given out to all Year 12 AS maths students as an extra revision resource to encourage independent study – notes, questions, answers and videos make it perfectly suited to this. Or it could be kept for use by the teacher in lessons – I am always running out of questions, and these are ideal to project up on the white board.

But who says this needs to be limited to AS students? Many of the topics in the core 1 exam can also be found on the higher tier GCSE maths exam - classic topics such as surds, indices and quadratic equations, for example. So, why not get the most out of this resource by using it with your GCSE students as well?


Craig Barton

Craig is a secondary maths teacher in the North of England.

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