Tes Maths ROTW: Fraction matching

This week's Tes Maths ROTW pick is a deceptively simple fraction - matching activity

Craig Barton


Brush up on key fraction skills with this fraction-matching resource from alutwyche

What is it?

Fractions are a thorn in the side of many a young mathematician. Students first encounter them early on in primary school, but they continue to induce nightmares all the way through to GCSEs. They clearly need regular exposure and practice of the key concepts, but this can be difficult to do in a way that engages the whole class and really causes them to think hard. 

This series of fraction-matching activities may look straightforward - pupils essentially have to match questions with answers -  but it is the careful selection of questions that is key. Many of the questions look pretty similar, with only one thing different. This helps fix their; attention on the thing that has changed and the effect it has on the answer, making it more likely that students will engage their brains and focus on the critical aspects of the question.

How can it be used?

All the key fractions skills are covered here, from equivalence and fractions of an amount, right through to all four operations. With fractions being such a troublesome topic, and also creeping their way into some pretty hefty algebraic topics (solving equations and algebraic fractions to name two). Regular exposure is important to this kind of activity. 

The resources could be printed out, or simply projected up on the board for a relatively speedy activity. Once the students have finished, there is always the opportunity for them to create their own versions, with an emphasis on making the questions as similar as possible, to once again draw their attention to the critical features.

Thanks so much for sharing!