Tes Maths ROTW: Fractions mastery lesson

Tackle the four operations of fractions in typical mastery style with the help of this lesson, recommended by Tes Maths.

Craig Barton

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Resource title: Fractions mastery lesson

Resource author: j2dutto

What is it?

While the idea of a one-off mastery lesson is a bit of a misnomer, this engaging resource has the potential to work just as well in a non-mastery setting.

The concept is simple; students work through of selection questions on the four operations of fractions, before completing an exit ticket. Covering a number of key topics, including improper fractions and algebraic numerators, this easily adaptable lesson allows learners to recap and review familiar mathematical skills.

How can it be used?

In true mastery style, this study of fractions is not only jam-packed with challenging questions, but also has plenty of additional concepts woven throughout it. This can be tricky for students who are not used to this sort of approach. To avoid confusion, I would advise carefully editing the questions to suit the ability level of your group. That way you’ll end up with all the rich benefits of this resource, without brewing any trouble!  

Craig Barton

Craig is a secondary maths teacher in the North of England.

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