Tes Maths ROTW: Matching shapes task

Ensure pupils' understanding of the properties of shapes is up to scratch with this matching activity, recommended by Tes Maths

Craig Barton

Tes Maths ROTW: Matching Shapes Task

Check students’ understanding of the properties of shapes is secure with this matching activity, from alutwyche

What is it?

Having a basic understanding of shape properties is integral to a student’s success in GCSE maths, but it's a topic that many pupils may not have encountered since primary school. Fortunately, this resource is here to help.

Consisting of a single presentation, learners are shown a series of statements about a shape. They must then consider which of those statements are always, sometimes or never true. Prompting them to consider any gaps in their understanding, this activity is ideal for refreshing the basics while identifying any lingering misconceptions.

How can it be used?

This activity is ideal for encouraging classroom debate. Simply display a set of questions and give students adequate time to consider answers individually, before allowing group discussion.

Even better, thanks to the blank template included, this activity can be easily adapted for almost any topic. Indeed, the possibilities are endless!

Craig Barton was speaking to Victoria Haughton. He is a secondary maths teacher in the north of England.